What's everyone's experience with casino.net's BJ?


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Feb 22, 2003
Last night I had terrible luck with casino.net. (Boss media) I'd rather not to post the result at this point. Of course I'll ask them for the play log.
I play with gold club monthly and my result is usually within acceptable domain. I'd like to ask:
(1) Is casino.net use the same version of BM software as gold club?
(2) What's everyone's experience with casino.net's BJ?
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
Here is my reply to someone's same question in December 2003

Its funny you should ask this today. I have been gambling online for about 3 months now and I could not play casino-on-net because they do not accept any of my credit cards. I wanted to play at this casino for real because for the past year or so (before I started gambling for real) I would play casino-on-net for fun and win. I would play 2 - 3 days a weeks for about 2 hours.

Just the other day I finally signed up to nettler, which casino-on-net obviously takes. I thought to myself, NOW I can play at the casino I am most familiar with, the casino I have played for fun for over a year.

I strictly play BJ, and I play perfect basic strategy. I have been playing for over 15 years and have been told many times by live dealers that I play correct and they would go on to say how many people do not play correct. (Although, I have come across many dealers that do not know basic strategy. LOL)

Here are my results
I deposited $500.00 and immediately received a $95.00 bonus, which I did not really want.


I did not add how many hard 20s the dealer would get to my 18s and 19s, but it was many.
5 of the 6 pushes were when I had a soft 21
When doubling with an eleven, always a small card.

So, my bottom line is:

The PRACTICE PLAY and the MONEY PLAY are NOT the same, not even close.

I have screen shots of all the pages of hands if anyone wants to see them.
I think that casino-on-net and casino.net (casino DOT net) are two different places?
$95 bonus for $500 deposit? Why such an odd number?
With casino-on-net, you should have got $100 because of the 20% match!

The other casino.net is a very different casino from casino-on-net as already
sandie51 said:
A rough chi square test shows that the probability of doing this badly or worse is about 1/70, so this is not even exceptionally unlucky.

Overall I have had spectacularly good luck at Casino-on-Net. I even won a prize in a BJ tournament with 61 wins in 100 hands.

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