What agency/adjudicator monitors slots providers?

In order to make sure they are following the law and that things like RTP are correct?

Got an issue with a game run by Isoftbet.
Your wasting your time mate even if you get the answer your looking for.
As you'll no doubt be told they are tottaly random 🤔RNG or some shite were as the dogs on the streets know it's all bollocks.
Inspection body's do that, there are various: Quinel, Trisigma, GLI, more and more and more
I'd like to know if they monitor in real time, or do they run a check every six months or so?
AFAIK, Games are certified by the test houses (Mentioned by @L&L-Jan ) once.

Only if there are major changes would it need recertification.

This doesn't mean the game can't have bugs. There have been numerous instances of exploits used by players after certification. In rare instances, bugs may be picked up where players have unfairly lost and compensation arranged.

Nothing is monitored in real time by Casinos. Each casino has their own back end and literally draws reports IF they want to check the performance of a slot at THEIR casinos. They look at major winners and losers daily. Bonuses used etc. If a trend emerges, they can investigate or ask the provider to investigate a particular game.

I'm certain that the providers themselves monitor or run monthly / weekly reports on their best and worst performing games as well. This will give them an indication if something needs to be looked at a bit closer.

If you would suspect something was not Kosher, I think this will need to be channeled through the casino (who would contact the provider or investigate themselves). If you find no joy, you could report it the the licencing body.

In essence, they would contact the casino who in turn will contact the provider and go full circle again.

It is not common practice to investigate high holding slots (meaning low RTP in the Players favor). Casinos just do not have the resources to do such and some just don't care either.

Winners are scrutinised more than anything else.

Look at it like this, the uk foods standards agency monitors uk food to ensure safety and quality.

One day they announced they found some horse in what should have been beef

A week later they announced for the last few years every supermarket had dozens of products for sale from dozens of different suppliers that all contained horse which apparently slipped under the radar.

So basically, all of the uk has be eating horse for years and the people who monitor it didn't know dozens of companies had horse on their products, and apparently those companies didn't know either looool,

What makes you think the people who monitor providers won't one day be telling you they have all been rigged for years.
What agency/adjudicator monitors slot providers?

Here are my thoughts.


For the UK market, there are
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that providers can employ to test their software/games to ensure they meet the regulator's standards for offering their services in the country:
  • BMM Testlabs (South Africa)
  • BMM Spain Testlabs SL
  • eCOGRA Limited
  • Gaming Associates Europe Ltd
  • Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), LLC
  • GLI Europe BV
  • GLI Austria GmbH
  • GLI Africa (Pty) Limited
  • GLI UK Gaming Limited
  • Global Lab Limited
  • iTech Global Pty Limited (iTech Labs)
  • Quinel Ltd
  • RiskCherry
  • SIQ Gaming Laboratories Ltd
  • Trisigma B.V.
  • Trisigma Spain SLU

Do these organizations monitor them after the initial testing? I think they don't. What's the point and who would pay them for doing so?

If they were employed and paid by the UKGC, that could be a different story then.

They then would go like - Hey Pragmatic, the time has come. Let's strip your Big Bass apart and see what's inside, lol...

Providers secure these third-party certifications at their own expense, and it's on them to keep these updated. If they don't update, they lose the regulator's compliance.

Here are some examples of GLI certificates:

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If you change the numbers at the end of the URLs, you'll find other companies.

Some companies get their RNGs tested, some all products, and others only games.
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This is a metaphor of how they get away with it

Supermarket asks for it's beef lasagna to be tested

The tester says, zero bacteria, tastes great and weight of meat is accurate

Well it turned out it was horse not beef and the tester didn't even know what to look for

I'm guessing they test rtp but what they don't say is it takes you 20,000 bonus buys to hit a max win taking your rtp from 70% to 96% and most people will take decades to do that many

They probably also don't admit the payout structure mean you are 90% likely to go on losing streaks and when you go on a winning streak will likely give it all back very quickly.

They probably just say it's called highly volatile.
On the subject of this thread and nicking a Star Trek episode title but “Who watches the watchers?”.

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