Western Union... Deal or No Deal?


I predict a riot.
Oct 17, 2004
Location, Location!
Following the several Western Union pallaver threads in recent months - seemed strange to receive the following email from the Palace Group today!..

Great news,

Spin Palace is thrilled the announce the launch of a brand NEW deposit method - Money Transfer.

Money Transfer is a convenient new way to fund your casino account, using the services of Western Union. This means you can now make a deposit:

- via the Western Union website (using Visa or Mastercard - rejection free)
- by visiting one of 225,000 Western Union agents

To locate the nearest Western Union agent, click here.

How Does Money Transfer Work?

Step 1: Select the Money Transfer Deposit Option
Select Money Transfer from the list of available deposit options on the banking page in the casino.

Step 2: Get Receiver Information
You will be directed to a Money Transfer webpage where you will be provided with information on how to make your payment. This includes; Receivers First Name, Last Name, City and Country. It is extremely important that you take careful note of these details which can be printed out for your convenience.

Step 3: Make A Payment
Once you have made a payment (via Western Union website
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or at a Western Union agent) you will receive a unique Money Transfer Control Number or MTCN. When making a payment at an agent please note that all Money Transfers to the casino are person-toperson transfers and, therefore, a Green Form must be used.

Step 4: Confirm Payment
Return to the Casinos Bank and re-select Money Transfer from the listed of available deposit options. Click on Enter MTCN and enter both the MTCN and Receiver details. Successful transactions will reflect in your casino account within 1.5 to 3 hours.

I trust the above information is of interest to you and should you have any questions regarding Money Transfer, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

Kind regards,

Casino Manager

So it appears you can use Western Union, and they're cool with it! Or are they? Is there another can of worms liable to be prized open should you choose this option or, god forbid, you try and cash out!..

Would rather just get an ECO card and fund via WU that way :thumbsup:

However, I've used Party's WU in the past and it was pretty seamless to deposit - not sure about cashing out.

I also noticed that Dream Poker now accepts WU and has pretty much the same template that Party has (entering MTCN, getting details, etc). I'm assuming they're using the same processor?

This thread is not nice. Slotser, I hope you are not a regular player there, I guarantee you they are not appreciating you much right now. jajaja

I don't have nothing against Western Union, for a lot of customers is a very reliable service.

I don't believe that gambling sites using WU as a deposit method not to be reputable, is just another attractive method that is easy to use for a lot of customers.

A lot of online gamblers found some methods to be very complicated, Western Union is very easy. If a customer has problems depositing with credit card, teaching them how to make an online transaction or a phone transaction with thier Credit card through WU is very convenient.

In my opinion, it just doesn't has to be that loud and if everyone knew how to use western union wisely, it could be the best method ever.

That email is not a good move, at least I was a manger I would never send an email like that one, however as a customer, I would never post it here either...
The only problem I have with WU for casinos is the fact that some countries are flagged when you send money to them. Since it's flagged, they will not process it (if you deposit online) until you call WU, and lie out your a$$ to them about why you're sending the money. I'm sure they'll reject it if you told them it was for gambling.
Not only be sure of that

Its a fact you will be rejected if you let know western union know you are sending funds for gambling.

Further more, you can be black listed and you won't be able to send or receive funds through western union.

The thing is that Western Union wants to be in good standing with the US, so, if the US says: DON'T ALLOW TRANSFERS FOR GAMBLING... They will obviously comply however they know the industry leaves them a lot of money a year. So my belief WU's policy is: Ok, good money, so we will allow transfers for gambling, lets just not make it that obvious for the morons on the White House to notice.

So Western Union is ok with gambling, only that if you have some idiot sending 7 transactions through western union on a Sunday of NFL's high season and then receiving $3000 coming from Central on Tuesday I believe you don't need to be a Nuclear Scientist to see what is happening: DUUUHH GAMBLING....

Just imagine when Western Union gives a report to The US Goverment and some guy with last name Gonzales in Colombia is receiving $5000 a day. Of course they are going to suspect about:

1) Gambling
2) Drugs
3) Money Laundring

I am sure they don't mind, but don't be that obvious...
Yep, and the casinos know this for a fact. If you'll notice, everytime someone makes a WU deposit they'll change the reciever information so they don't get flagged in the system.

More fuel for the debate going on right now; the US would have a strong case that they're doing this to launder money, even if they're not.
I'm not by any means ragging on The Palace Group - they've mainly been very good to me... Just thought it was odd to court potential problems like this in the current climate...

At least they pay out on time etc..

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