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Crazy Cat Lady
Jul 3, 2002
Arizona City, Az
If you live in Arizona, watch the channel 3 news. You can also
get a video clip of it, I will post the link here after the interview.

Synetec picked up on my problem with neteller and the keylogger virus I got.

They, and channel 3 news here on goodmorning Arizona are going to do a live interview with them and me, on keylogger viruses, how I was victimized and how to prevent it.

I am very nervous about going on tv live! I went and bought a new suit today to go on tv with.


I think when they ask how I got the virus, I will leave out that it was a gambling portal. Dont want to give online gambling any more negative

Will just tell them I was surfing some strange sites , which is true.


ROFL. Did not even think of that!! Thankyou . I will just say I was searching a top 100 site. :)) Or mabey I should just word it Unfamiliar sites. :))

Actually, if you say you were checking out some fun sites for "games" (generalize it :D ) and clicked on a few links leading you to some fun looking games is how you picked it up. (the virus/keylogger) . Thats how I got mine :D by clicking on the Paradise Poker "link" ... :lolup: Which looked like a fun "game" site :D


All went well. I wanted to put up a link but neither news station posted a video of the interview on the site:(

I learned something new . When the weather guy does the weather , in reality he is pointing at a blank board,lol So he must memorize his map,lol

that server seems to be over-run at the moment so your reputation as a smooth talker is still safe for now, ama ;)

did they give you anything for coming in to the station?

Yeah, syntec is paying me $500 for doing it. Which helps make up for some of my money not recovered:) They are taxing it though of course,lol Have to wait for the check in the mail:)


Thats ok, tvs not for me,lol

I was a nervous wreck for the first one, and breezed though the second.

On the first one , I thought my heart would explode waiting to start,lol

:) just thought i would post this for anyone who wants a verification engine to make sure you are on a legit website. I use Comodo verification engine. It is a free download and works great. you can read about it before downloading. here is the link:

Outdated URL (Invalid)

You looked great and showed nothing of the jitters you thought you had although you could probably try to talk just a little slower next time for the audience to hear more clearly. For a first-up performance, I would rate this at 90.
Here is the link, hope it works.

You can see how dorky I look on tv,lol Its a download file of the two news segements.
Dorky? You look great! You forgot to mention, "and if your're looking for safe, legitimate, and reputalble online casinos - check out Subscribe to their newsletter and join their forum. It's a great place to be." :D

::) :)

You know I thought it about it:) They told me no plugs though,lol
They wouldnt even let me mention netellers name for fear of being sued .

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