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I am interested to buy 100 links for casino, gambling and online gaming sector.

Our requirement:

1. Minimum home page rank should be 3 with 7 - 10 back links to home page.
2. Internal page rank should be minimum 1 and it has to have 2 - 3 back links and should not consist of 10 outbound links.
3. Unique c class IP is required.
4. The link should be from content pages not from links.html or resource.html or similar to these kind of pages.
5. We need 2 links on each page to the maximum of 3 pages. (means 6 links on 3 pages will carry the below mentioned cost)

We will supply the content and the keywords.
We need links in English, Italian and Spanish languages website.

What we will give:

1. For English we will pay 80 - 100 USD for one year + two posting for your website with two hyper links each.
2. For other languages we will pay 100 - 120 USD or one year + two posting for your website with two hyper links each.
3. The link should be live for 12 months from the date of listing.

Note: If your price is higher please do not send any inquiry to us.

We will pay through PayPal. We will pay when our link will be live.

If anyone is interested please send your website details or PM me Or you can E-mail me at casino@texas.usa.com

Many Thanks,
MD John.


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This is a rip off...

PR value on these type of pages are worth around $20US per month. Add the the extra requirements and you'll get around $30 a month. Payment over a 12 month period for $250US is a fair deal per link, per page.

Anything less and your getting screwed!



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I have done you a personal mail into your sites...

so please check your mail inbox and let me know your query .

I'm waiting a positive reply..

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