VIP Lounge refuses payment of my own funds


Dormant account
Dec 10, 2007
VIP Lounge offered me a 90% Baccarat only Bonus "Fully cashable". I deposited 100$. After completing WR I had lost exactly the bonus of 90$.
I sent in my verification documents and made a withdrawal. After a few days I looked into my account and my withdrawal was cancelled and my 100$ back in my casino account.
I sent an email to CS and I got a response today. This is what they wrote:

"""Dear VIP Lounge Member,

This is David with the VIP Lounge. Thank you very much for your inquiry today. I hope this helps

Please note that there are no comments in your account confirming that your documents were received. Accounting usually takes 24 hours to check all documents received. You requested your withdrawal until yesterday, which means it should be approved by May 7th, since we take 10 business days to approve withdrawals. Please remember that the bonus amount is not cashable, this means that we will remove $90 from the amount you requested, which will only leave you with $10. I suggest you cancel the withdrawal and continue playing to reach a higher amount.

Have a great day today and good luck to you.

Best wishes, """

I am very happy about this information. Does anyone have similar experiences with these crooks?


Ueber Meister
Dec 1, 2005
This is the mail I think.

I guess I do not have to state the obvious, that I would never deposit there.

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