Villento w/d confirmation -- what's this?


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Sep 12, 2004
Deposited $25 (NETeller) and just now did a w/d (back to NETeller) for $150. So far, so good. On the screen where you confirm the w/d there's a 'Disclaimer' check box. You cannot confirm and finish the w/d without checking the box. Here's the 'Disclaimer'...

DISCLAIMER: This option is available for Bank Accounts in the Canada only. The personal details I have provided are correct and I accept that incorrect details entered may result in my withdrawal being delayed. EFT account details provided will be subject to verification by means of an issuing bank call. Should this be unsuccessful due to Privacy Regulations you may be required to submit a bank statement to confirm ownership of the EFT account details.

Please ensure that you have entered the email address used when your Neteller account was registered.

What in heaven's name does that mean?? No, I'm not in Canada, but I want my money. LOL I checked it anyway to finish the w/d. I think I've done a w/d from them before, but certainly don't remember that particular disclaimer.

Edit: I can't find a rep for Villento listed here at CM. I may email the casino Monday. I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a stick than contact weekend CS. LOL
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