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Feb 22, 2001
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Vietnam Government to issue decree on casinos

Phu Quoc Island chosen.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has agreed in principle to the construction of a large tourism and entertainment centre with a casino on Phu Quoc Island off the southern province of Kien giang. He has also asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to compile a decree on casino business.

The Prime Minister told the Ministry of Construction to urgently check and amend the general plan of construction for Phu Quoc Island to 2030. This will the basis the government will use to consider Kien Giang authorities proposals on building resorts, big tourist sites and entertainment centres, including casinos, on the island.

The Ministry of Construction is assigned to combine with Kien Giang authorities to choose prestigious foreign consulters to research and amend the general plan of construction for Phu Quoc Island to submit to the Prime Minister. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for providing funds for the Construction Ministry to hire foreign consulters.

The Prime Minister also assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment to quickly research and compile a decree on casino business.

Though the government doesnt have a policy that licences casino in Vietnam, many provinces are asking for the governments permission for casino business, because to attract large tourism projects, they cant neglect casinos.

The National Assembly Standing Committee on December 23 discussed gambling and some deputies said Vietnam should licence casinos so they country will not lose income from this business because many Vietnamese go to Macau or Cambodia to gamble.


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Sep 26, 2004
This is a good time for the Vietnamese Government to licence casinos as many locals who still have a gambling urge will not like to pay more just to travel to Macau. In several years time it is likely that the Chinese Government will again introduce some measures to boost tourism in Macau and the enclave will draw fresh investments making it the nearest thing to Vegas.

Meanwhile, I understand that both Singapore and Taiwan are heading in the same direction as Vietnam with the former forging ahead with the construction of a new casino. Sheldon Adelson has shelved the building of new casinos in Macau to pave way for this one.

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