Video Poker winnings


Jerry Miller

I used a Video Poker system of my own design to win $300 from VegasUSA on a $100 gift account. Unfortunately, I forgot about money management and gave it back! Even after I built it back up to about $200, I still hadn't learned my lesson and bet it back to $0!! Hopefully others will benefit from my experience!!!

A couple of days later, Vegas Casino gave me a $50 gift account, which I built to over $200. This time, I set a stoploss of $200 and cashed out. Yes, I got the check!

Since then, most of the gift accounts I had were either too stingy or had unreasonable minimum bets, but I did manage to turn $25 from Gambler's Palace into nearly $200 before letting it drop back as far as $125 and cashing out. (I'm still waiting for the check. Why they sent it by regular mail from Costa Rica - if they did in fact send it - is beyond me, since airmail isn't that much more, and anyway, the option was supposed to be FedEx/DHL courier!)

I'm not sure when I'll see any posts here again, so if you have a response, please e-mail it to me.