Vera & John... what happened?


Newbie member
Apr 9, 2018
Hi guys, I was a long-standing forum member here a few years ago before quitting everything gambling related so excuse the newbie-ness.
I'm trying to find out some info about Vera & John and am struggling to do so despite researching.
Basically what I'd like to know is, when they were bought out, who did they transfer from/to? When did that happen? How exactly is it that they are part the 'Jackpot Joy' group?

I'm a little confused as it seems to be a little cloak and dagger when I ask CS about this.
Basically an SE was in place on my V&J account back in 2013 which I took to be permanent but would this have been removed after the buy out or whatever happened? In a nutshell I have been allowed to join up to them again with all the same details no problem. Should that have been so? The other area of concern is the link to JPJ who I am also on SE with although this link is very much played down, what exactly is the connection - not on the same license but what?
CS tell me that the only site they are linked to is Intercasino but I feel like some things here are pretty unclear. An attempt to contact David Flynn for some clarity was also denied.
Maybe someone here would be kind enough to shed some light...if possible!
Thanks! :)