Unibet/Maria Casino - Multiple Accounts


Jun 25, 2017
I identified last year that I have a problem with gambling. At this stage, I either self excluded (where it was one button, rather than spending 5-10 minutes contacting support) or set a deposit limit to lower than the minimum deposit.

This was the case with Unibet, where I set up a £1 maximum daily deposit.

In the past week, I have hit a speedbump and signed up for a couple of accounts to play online at sites that I haven't registered with before. One of these accounts was at Maria Casino, where I deposited (and subsequently lost) over £8,000.

After I lost the money, I contacted support to see if there was any way I could get some of the money back, in a bonus. There was no bonus available on my account, so I started digging through the FAQs and terms and conditions to understand why.

While looking at the terms and conditions (which are almost exactly the same as Unibet), I noticed that Maria Casino was part of the Unibet group and that, by the terms and conditions, I had actually registered for a Unibet account on Maria Casino Upon checking the terms and conditions further, I found this:
3.4 An individual applying to become an Account Holder furthermore warrants and represents:
3.4.j not to be holding an active account with another legal entity which is part of the same group as Unibet, meaning other entities directly or indirectly controlled by Unibet Group Plc;

So, I am now left confused about a few things:
- If I should only have one account within the Unibet group, should I have been able to set up another account?
I signed up with exactly the same information - username, email, name, date of birth, address (and even password). After speaking with Unibet support, they suggest that it is normal to have multiple accounts within the Unibet group, and that "hundreds of thousands" of their customers do so. However, this contradicts the terms and conditions, and I'm sure that if I had been registering multiple accounts to take advantage of bonus offers, my winnings would rightfully be removed and the account closed. Should this be the case with the deposits that I made too?

- If I have set up a deposit limit on my original Unibet account, this clearly shows that I have an issue controlling my spending on their site, so should any deposits over £1 be null and void, even on a new 'illegitimate' account?

- I have read cases where people who have self excluded have been able to register again and deposit money, within the same group or site, and were entitled to a refund. Is setting a deposit limit under 'Responsible Gaming' in the same classification as self exclusion (i.e. identification that a spending problem exists)?

I set up the limits on my account as I acknowledged that I have a problem controlling my spending and I would have expected to not have been allowed to sign up for another account within their group, as stated in their terms and conditions.

This is a by far the most challenging problem I have had to overcome in my life. I have gone almost a year without playing online and all it takes is a bump in the road to throw you off course. I would appreciate any input or thoughts on the above and the best way to recover the money that I have dep

Thank you.


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Mar 29, 2015
I have accounts at both Unibet and Maria.

You didn't self exclude but put a deposit limit on which is totally different.

Consider the money lost and treat it as an expensive lesson learned.


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May 13, 2014
I agree with Inter, sorry.

Nothing personal but I've seen way too many "Problem Gamblers" identify this S/E, TAB, DL etc etc 'loophole' and try and use it as a "Get out of jail free card".

The casinos will also be aware of this.

I always take a players side (if they are in the right) but sadly on this occasion I feel, as said an expensive but valuable lesson learnt here. :(


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Aug 27, 2008
The biG Eu
I use deposit limits at loads of casinos and its not down to problem gambling as such ... not the same as SE but i put them in place to stop me loosing my mind. While I feel your pain as to loose 8k is a hell of a hit ! I dont think you got a leg to stand on. You chose to set a DL (Deposit Limit) which you can lift at any time and wait for the cooling off period and then play at that limit. But it dont mean it is the same for every casino in the same group.

Example I play at a number of casinos that have other sites in the group, and often I have different DL on each of the sites. So I dont think there is a case to answer here. You should focus on quitting gambling for good, getting support and help and writing the looses off. Because as far as I see it they are gone and they aint coming back.