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Dec 12, 2004
Has any one in UK seen these new video slots?

play upto 20 lines, upto £2 a play and possible of £500 winnings?

I hit £500 on feature with roulette wheel at weekend. Only deposited £10 in hit it on 2nd go :thumbsup:

Was elvis game if any one seen it

Gave me 4 scatters to enter feature!

then tried this one here

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

some good features on it

Walked out with £900 at end of 30 minutes lol!
UK 500 slots

These appear as the usual online casino slots, however, they are driven by a different mechanism (for tax reasons). Behind the facade of a 5 reel slot is a bingo game. The total payout has already been determined once you press start. The reels and the feature are simply a mechanism to display the preselected payout. The underlying bingo game itself is random, unlike the 25 "Fruit Machines" which are rigged to hit 70% to 80% (chosen by the operator).
These "random" 500 slots can be set to HARD or SOFT profiles. HARD is weighted to the big wins and SOFT will give many smaller wins but very few big wins. They are not as "random" as the video slots online, although the payout percentage is closer than "Fruit" machines at between 88% and 94%.

Many traditional fruit machine players are losing their shirts on these due to them playing them as a fruit machine rather than an online random slot.
If you ever saw tehm some casinos had 500 video slots before there time, they had a 25 cash jackpot the rest was paid out in vouchers.

If you noticed on these there was a like a bingo ticket on the left of the screen, if u looked at this it would tell you whether you had a win befor ethe reels lined up. There is also a single line to 20 line 0's and X's video slot, I cant remeber the name but you can actually play directly on the bingo board if u like.

You have to becareful with these, some of them, even the arcade versions have a max bet of 10 not 2 and the casino version have a upto a 4000 jackpot and a video poker style gamble. As always max bet will yield the highest return. Eg Elvis, stake 50p (90%) 1(92%) 2(94%).

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