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has alli finally found his scoring boots and got his form back, he was a ff certain pick 12 months ago but he was rank most of last year.
Yes, the git has put the knife in us, though hope springs eternal :mad:
I should have found a place for matt richie, good crosses, takes most set pieces and gets a few goals every year,
Kane always delivers.
He will be in the top 3 point scorers at the end of the season, I am sure of that.

But Mane defo is a good alternative. :thumbsup:

Yeah I will put him in at some point, just feel he will be a bit jaded at the moment against fresh defenders
where was Trippier? Was he not even in the squad today? :mad:
And Bonatini? (Wolves)..I was tipped off to take this guy in as a cheap but reliable striker. :oops:

Ah well, 24 points so far and I am always a slow starter. :D
So everyone's up in arms about McManaman. Is there not the merest chance he meant their style of play/ their survival chances or anything football- related?

No we'll just take the lowest common denominator: McManaman doesn't like Wolverhampton Wanderers and probably never has :laugh:

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