Thoughts on my site


Nov 27, 2012
Hi people! I have been running the site
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for a while now and I would love some pointers on design, seo, grammar and some tips on casino nichés to target my sites casino category at (a finger in the right direction as to what topics I can cover in order to have some sustainable content for that section, in other words some basic tipcs on casino topics that are fun to read instead of the usual lists and review).

I've connected a Outdated URL (Invalid) to the site post all my sports betting predictions at, would love some tips for that one aswell.

Im currently working on 3 things at the moment: Writing predictions, improving current content (proofreading, seo) and as I mentioned earlier; trying to build new casino content.

Well, thanks for checking out my site and for providing any pointers :). And thanks to the meister for allowing me to post here.