The Withdraw Button


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Jan 8, 2016
Is anyone else amused by the lengths casinos go to in order to make the withdraw button as tucked away, non-descript and basically as hidden as can be?
I'm waiting for the casino with a jungle background and the tiny withdraw button in leafy green camouflage whilst the multiple deposit buttons are big bold red jumping out of the screen at you 😂
UKGC will probably at some point make a new rule about this that the sites need to show logout and withdraw button visually easy to find.

As a web dev that is not hard to do using geo location linked to divs. You can easily hide them from anyone outside the UK and anyone in the UK will see the hidden buttons.
Almost as hard to find as the logout button. There’s a coincidence!
In addition to making you look for a logout button, many casinos also ask if you're sure about logging out.

They're cheap and stupid tricks on sites like those from Aspire created by people with the mindset of 'how to get mugs to play longer', instead of creating websites with the user in mind.

I would be more likely to come back to play if all was presented to me clearly and transparently.

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