On Probation The Virtual Casino Group and Ace Revenue

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Sep 19, 2008

  • I know how bad there history is and who knows if they will ever change.
    But at end of day it all comes down to that old saying 'Keep your friends close but your enemies closer'
    But casinomeister has so many visitors and members but its only a small fraction of how many gamblers there are out there.
    This group has survived for so long now that they are never going to go away by the looks of it so surely its better to at least have some communication with them. They will never be accredited and members here will never play there but so many other unsuspecting people will and thats why they are always around.
    So surely any member would at least want someone who has not been paid that finds casinomeister while searching to at least have a chance of getting paid even if its very slowly.
    To say they will never change and we should toss them to the kerb will not stop people joining them it will only take away any chance of people getting help. As members have quoted theres so many been ripped of in the past and that can never be forgiven but why not at least try to help the many more that might still get ripped of as not every one knows there history.

  • Actually I see this current PR whitewashing process as an encouraging sign that their long term rip off business plan is starting to fail. A major factor is the regulation of the US market, because if that ever happens in a majority of states, casinos like this are toast. Mr Criminal owner is never getting a license to operate in the USA and he knows it. If they ever do apply for a license there will be a long list of information handed over to the authorities by many people who know who this guy is and what he is all about. They have ripped off so many people in the past that they are reliant on a steady flow of new unsuspecting customers, so I think the best course of action is to keep spreading the word about how bad they are and who owns them and with a little luck perhaps they go out of business or are sold off to someone a lot better. They are going down and now is the time to stick the boot in and kick them where it hurts.


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Dec 20, 2009
So we are past the 6 month period. When do we get to vote and settle this status?



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Jun 30, 1998
Just to point out a few things about this thread. I know that there are some here that are adamant about Virtual being a rogue, and that it is fair game to relentlessly bash the casinos and its management. The problem is that there has been so much bullshit posted in this thread that it's lost its validity. So it's being closed with this last posting. There are a handful of members who have posted flat out lies - and were/are being busted out for it, which has resulted in a number of other members cherry picking what they want to read. It's an absolute sham.

two examples:

Pobeda - who was complaining in this thread about not being able to subscribe from emails from Virtual, was a multi-account fraudster. He had multiple accounts with differing names and email addresses. But by posting, he was the poor puppy being screwed over by an "evil" casino group. This is what he had to say about that (via email since he was banned):

...We both perfectly know, that casino you referring to is Virtual. Last time I touched that was before I knew or found CM, never since. Yes, I id have multiple accounts with them and played with free chip as many other amateur gamblers. So what? according to CM< they criminals, they never pay, they don't deserve a word (until recently),.

Ya think it would have been a bit more up front and honest to say, "Sorry, but in the past I had a crap load of accounts, here are the email addresses I probably used. Please don't send me any further emails. Thank you." Yes, that would have been the proper way to handle it. But no, this person poisoned the thread with bullshit.

How about this gem:
Agreed, those who were hired or brought onside to smooth this path, seem to have lost interest and given up trying...just saying :)

Or this:
Been MIA around these parts for a few months.

Returned today and couldn't believe this thread is still active and still with issues. Over five months down the track :eek: IMO it gives a clear indication VCG & Co aren't going to change anytime soon. And more than likely, it indicates an unwillingness to embrace the changes needed (repeated many times in this thread).

Their not a corporate giant with offices scattered around the world, with 1000's of employees. Their an online casino running out of Costa Rica. Policy changes for such a small operation, could be implimented, if, the desire to change was genuine. Instead, as past action demonstrates , they (VCG & Co) would rather play semantics and pass-the-buck, than knuckle down and fix their problems.

If a vote is called for, I know how I'll be voting!

That's not just Chillbill - that's AussieDave! Remember him? Trezz or glodge? He's a whacky affiliate from down under who has actually approached Gambling Wages to promote them heavily in Australia! Another poisoning of the thread.

There are so many posts in this thread (I don't want to count them) about how Virtual is hard up for cash and want to get out of the rogue pit, and will do anything to be redeemed. That's just a bunch of horseshit. It was my idea to begin with to start this thread, to clean up and update the Rogue section, to ensure that the information that I am responsible for (rogue listings etc.,) is balanced and is up to date.

And some of this was spilled over to elsewhere - forums where people are free to post nonsense and blackmail casinos in order to advance their scam. These multi-account shitheads are in the majority of casino complaints - I will stake my reputation on it. The rest are "slow pays" which are par for the course and should be expected if those players are in the US.

I stated that I would put this to a vote - that I was going to put this decision to move them to the reservation or not recommend section into the hands of the membership. But how could this vote be fair if there is so much nonsense being posted by players and affiliates?

I also don't think it's appropriate to conjure up the memories of deceased friends imagining what they would say. But I am confident that they would have supported me in my attempt to keep Casinomeister a balanced and informative website, and that my opinions posted in the rogue pit or elsewhere are based on valid observations and conversations.

I am in the midst of preparing for a roadtrip that might last a few weeks, so I'm putting this thread to rest for the duration. When I get back, I'll take another look at this and decide what I want to do. Thank you for your understanding.
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