The stake scam?

Well maybe you should try their enhanced pragmatic slots at 98%. I've tried them all with many spins and they do play better than the 96 versions. Kind of more med variance though. Fruit party still sucks. :)

Their keno at 99% is the best version of this game across all casinos Unplayed lever 15 years.
What’s the name of the enhanced RTP Fruit Party? I haven’t seen it myself.
Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister
OMG how have I missed this one? I’ve seen the tile for it many times but mustn’t have ever played it. I thought I’d played all of the enhanced RTP Prags. Cheers for the heads up!
It's not great. I've done thousands of minimum stake bonus buys through it and still not had a max win.
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