The man from the hood top rtg casinos and worst rtg casinos


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Apr 20, 2003
The man from the hood top rtg casinos and worst rtg casinos


Phonenican casino***
Bodog casino***
king solomons
breakaway casino
Vegas magic====please read terms
Slot fever === please read terms
Grand Aces
Geisha Lounge

You will have not a problem with any of this casinos, unless you a crook
The casinos with the three stars are a must for real players

Don't play at any of this casinos or play at your own risk
Giant Vegas
Kiss Casino
Winners Playground
Lucky Coin
Lucky Pyramid
Golden Nile
American Grand
Crystal Palace
High Rollers Lounge
My Online Casino
Americas Online
Club Regal
Vegas Riches
connecto to casino
destination poker
Portofino Casino

Just to remind people
yes i rarely play RTG, but I tried it out a week ago. Tried phoenician and lost about $700. Ran it up to about $1500 before I lost though. Seemed a lot more fair than the other RTG's I've played. I probably will stick with Microgaming since I seem to have better results with higher bets there. RTG just seems to eat up anything over $300 a hand.

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