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May 5, 2006
Costa Rica
Hello, I am a Costa Rican who has been on the business a little bit more than 4 years.

Is not much, but I had the pleasure to work with one of the giants which left me a huge experience. Then with another group which I believe has been one of my best work experiences ever.

Over the years, Ive been following how the industry has grown and all its updates, good and bad moments as well as some sour experiences gambling. Compulsive gambler to be honest in the process of change.

This has not created a negative opinion of the industry on me, other than that, I respected and would like to see all companies running a honest, legit and fine operation. Is my believe this is a little bit utopic, but it could be achieved.

Ive been watching Casinomeister for several years, and it should be an example to everyone of someone trying to make this business a better one everyday. Some people call them selves watchdogs, but at least I have never found such a comitted and sincere site as this one.

For about 2 years, I worked spotting glitches and discrepancies on several sites, in order to learn what to do and what not to when running an online sportsbook, casino or poker room. A lot I learned from my employers and of course because of Brian, who I dont know personally but share a lot of his way of thinking and his point of view towards the industry.

I have even talked with friends of mine who work or have worked for companies black listed by Mr. Bailey... jajaja is amazing how strong his opinion is and how much trouble it could cause to some one not playing the game by the book. My most sincere congratulations to I will always look at this site as a mentor for me.

Also everyone who is endorsed by this site should be proud of running such a good business. With no doubt Mr. Bailey knows what he does. Maybe some day I will have the oportunity to go to a gambling convention and meet more people comitted to make this business a respected one all around the world.

the watchdog

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