thank you 3 dice


i want to thank three dice for being so considerate they gave me my first birth day pressy this year

:) no body does it quite like you guys :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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I hope you win lots of money - Have a great Birthday. :D

GGW Laurie

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happy birthday rockycatt:) hope you win big:thumbsup:.............laurie


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I love 3Dice, but I feel that the autohold on some of the VP games is just plain wrong...was playing joker poker the other day and it would Hold just a six...not a pair of sixes, just a single card. So I advise you to skip the autohold and just play, or review each hand before clicking draw.


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I don't use their (casinos) hold features. I dont like some of the strategies they use. One thing that bothers me is this...If Im playing deuces wild and you need at least 3 of a kind and there is no 2pairs win, why in the world would I hold on to two pair? Most of the time a full house only pays a tiny bit more. I would rather go for the 4 of a kind. I also hate when casinos hold 6 or 7 when you have a straight with the exception of just one card

I guess everyone has their own way of playing video poker and I dont think there is a wrong or right way, it depends on how much you want to gamble or stay safe so that's why I dont use them

thanks again for your input

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