Terms and conditions violation?


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Feb 4, 2006
Please tell me, if I am not mistaken, is this not a violation of a casino's own terms and conditions:

The website's terms state (under bullet 5, see attachment below) that it the maximum deposit per day is $1000, and that is if you have been a member for 60 days or less.

I had made 3 deposits via a credit card of $50 each within one day. When I attempted to make another deposit (of $50), it gave me the following error message:
"You attempted more than the maximum amount per day. Please contact Payment Processing for assistance ( ErrorCode = 20016 )"

So I contacted live chat. Here is the conversation:

You are now chatting with Darvey
Darvey: Welcome to Casino Support.
Darvey: May I please have your casino account ID or email address ?
Cynthia777: Hi, I just tried to deposit again using my card and I got this message:
Cynthia777: You attempted more than the maximum amount per day. Please contact Payment Processing for assistance ( ErrorCode = 20016 ) You attempted more than the maximum amount per day. Please contact Payment Processing for assistance ( ErrorCode = 20016 ) sorry..couldn't paste
Cynthia777: Cynthia777
Cynthia777: the only limit I have on my card, if any, is ATM withdrawals up to $300 per day
Cynthia777: this would not have exceeded that
Cynthia777: am I not allowed to deposit more than $150 a day (restricted by your casino)?
Cynthia777: hello?
Darvey: That's correct
Darvey: We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Cynthia777: what's correct?
Cynthia777: your terms and conditions state the limit is $1000
Darvey: We changed processors and had to make some minor adjustments for this week but everything will be back to normal early next week.
Cynthia777: that doesn't make any sense..I can imagine how this must be costing vip.com money...bad for business
Cynthia777: if you limit everyone to $150 in deposits
Darvey: I understand.
Cynthia777: so what are the terms right now?
Cynthia777: what is the limit? and is it per day, etc.?
Cynthia777: notice should have gone out to players..
Cynthia777: otherwise...you know you are violating your own terms and conditions
Darvey: You have 3 transactions per day (Accepted or Declined) otherwise your going to have wait for 24 hours to try to make another deposit.
Darvey: $1500 per week in successful transactions.
Cynthia777: see...had I known this, I would have deposited a greater amount on the first deposit
Cynthia777: rather than splitting them up
Darvey: We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Cynthia777: and is that 3 transactions per day per card...or 3 transactions period?
Darvey: 3 transactions per day (Accepted or Declined).
Cynthia777: why, then, did it say.."please try a different card or bank account"?
Cynthia777: if it were not possible to do so?
Cynthia777: did you send notice to players that this major change was going to become effective?
Darvey: I understand that your upset but everything is going to be back to normal early next week, please bare with us.
Cynthia777: ok..it still violates your terms and conditions, to change them without notice, or updating your site..leaves little credibility after such an incident
Cynthia777: what else could change? is what someone may think
Cynthia777: but thank you for your time
Darvey: You are welcome.
Darvey: Is there anything else I can help you with besides that?
Cynthia777: no, I believe that is all
Cynthia777: actually
Cynthia777: could you send a transcript of this chat to my email address?
Darvey: Sure I can. No problem.
Darvey: Thanks for chatting - I hope you have everything you need, however if not, please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Cynthia777: thank you

Well, he never did email me a transcript of the chat. Good thing I copied it myself for my records.

I just thought I should post this for opinions, and to advise players, whether they play on vip.com or not. Its no big deal to me, probably saved me another $50 bucks for today. But it does affect my opinion/credibility with them, and on how much, if at all, I continue to deposit with them.
Looks like another effort to stay "under the radar" of the US banks. Perhaps this three transaction limit is more than temporary.
They certainly stand to lose, especially if it is a sports bet players were going to place with the deposit, the event could be over before the deposit limit is lifted.

I never received notification of any "temporary changes", although as a non-US player I can use Neteller for the odd $100 they get from me - still no random jackpot though:mad:
You have to rember that this is a strange bussines. The casinos are at the mercy of the processors. It was more important to keep a player who had made 50 $20.00 deposits than 1 player making a $5000.00 deposit. It was much more important to keep the 50 deposit player on the books than the single depositer. The processors go by the number of charge backs not the amount.
This could be why they are limiting 3 credit card deposits per day.

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