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May 14, 2005
Brooklyn, NY
Hello, I am a certified school teacher in the USA . In late 2004, I got injured on the job, and ultimately needed five surgeries over the next 1 years. Since there is no workmens compensation with my company, while I was incapacitated I tried to make some money by playing blackjack online. I opened up a Neteller account and began playing at various casinos.
Some of those casinos used RTG software and were located in Costa Rica . Their names were Cirrus, Club Player, Virtual, Palace of Chance , Bet Royal, and Cool Cat. Despite them giving me written guarantees that I would be paid within one or two weeks time, that never happened. They also asked me to open up a Firepay account so they could pay me a bit faster. I complied with their wishes.
For almost two years, I had to repeatedly contact Montana Review for their non-compliance with regards to paying me on time. Sometimes Montana Review would help, sometimes not.
Despite me doing everything these casinos asked of me, they just would not pay me on time, or even close to it.
Yet, they still wanted me to make more deposits and for more money while they owed me this money. I refused which seemed to delay my getting paid even further. They tried every stall tactic imaginable.
On 8/7/06, on a random check of my Neteller account, I noticed that $10,000 had been stolen from it and deposited into my Club Player account.
I immediately contacted Club Player who informed me that someone was playing in that account while I was on the phone with them and already had lost almost $1000.
I told them to immediately shut my account down. They then told me that they would have to do their own internal investigation before paying me back, and that the money that this person had lost was gone and they were not going to repay me, even though they acknowledged that it was being played from an IP address in a different country.
I then called Neteller who also did their own internal investigation. They, too, gave me a written statement that absolved me from any wrongdoing, even going so far as to tell me where the theft had come from. For some reason though, when I told them that I was going to file a police report in NYC and would need their cooperation, they refused, and went so far as to close my account down completely which prevented me from furthering my criminal investigation into this theft.
The person at Neteller who was solely responsible for this was named Gina.
In fact, they were going to also withhold the $40, 000 I had in my account there until I retained a criminal attorney in NYC and had him contact Gina. Once she realized that I was about to file criminal charges against Neteller and sue them for both the money that they were withholding from me as well as damages, they did pay me in full, which took over a month for them to do. But, despite me having written acknowledgement absolving me of any wrongdoing, they informed me that they would not allow me to ever open a new Neteller account or help me with my pending criminal investigation against whomever stole my $10,000.
In he meantime, Club Player was not paying me back that money to me, despite me proving to them that I had nothing to do with that theft, as well as submitting the same documents from Neteller stating that fact. All I can say is that I was very lucky that I checked my Neteller account when I did that day, because within another hour, I would have been out the whole $10,000.
Since I was still owed quite a bit of money from all of these casinos, Firepay remained my only option to receive it. Some of those Costa Rican, RTG casinos began dripping and drabbing the money to me into my Firepay account.
On 9/11/06, I received a phone call from Anthony Ferguson at Firepay asking me to prove how I accumulated $61,000 into my Firepay account from only one initial deposit of $750 1 years before. I showed him all of my records proving to him how each and every transaction occurred, which were all with Firepays merchants (casinos). I also showed him numerous e-mails from these casinos asking me to open a Firepay account so they could pay me.
Despite that, without any further warning or investigation, Mr. Ferguson not only closed my account, but RETURNED the $61,000 in it to each casino who had paid me within the past 1 years.
Of course, I had to again retain an attorney (on an hourly basis), who contacted Mr. Ferguson at Firepay. Mr. Ferguson , who initially told my attorney that he would help recoup my money for me from these casinos as long as they paid me in a different method, ended up doing nothing for us.
My attorney then asked me to contact these casinos and ask them to pay me either to my bank account as a bank wire transfer or as a check to his care.
It took me four months for me to get RE-paid this money, and that was again needing numerous e-mails to each casino, RTG, the gaming commission in Costa Rica , and Bryan Bailey at Casinomeister (who was helpful).
It also finally took a direct threat from my attorney that we would be suing them, since we were able to secure exactly who owned these casinos and their addresses to where we could serve them papers. We also were going to sue Neteller and Firepay, but since I did ultimately did get re-paid, that never happened.
I am posting here to warn all of you of what happened to me. I realize that both Neteller and Firepay no longer accept US citizens as customers, but for all of you living in other countries around the world, watch out.
I say this because to this day I believe that both Neteller and Firepay not only were in this together, but also were in cahoots with these Costa Rican, RTG casinos.
I also am sure that if I did not retain competent private counsel, which ended up costing me a couple of thousand dollars, I never would have gotten re-paid any of the $61,000 that Firepay gave back to these casinos, or the $10,000 that somehow ended up at ClubPlayer from my Neteller account, or the $40,000 that was in my Neteller account that Neteller attempted to withhold from me.
I also got stonewalled by both Neteller and club Player with regards to having my local police department do further investigation into the $10,000 theft.
If any on you are concerned about this, I would be happy to correspond with you further, as well as show you written proof that everything I am saying here in 100% truthful and accurate.
In the interim, I would just recommend that you be very careful with regards to doing any business with the casinos I mentioned. That goes the same for any casino that Oliver Curran is involved with, i.e., The Crystal gaming/Doleplex group, or Jack is managing, i.e., Bet Max, BetNet, Slot Fever, etcThese are also all RTG casinos who cheated me out of winnings I legitimately earned, and Montana Review did not step in and get it resolved properly.
If you are curious about what I am stating here, you should check out the numerous threads in the archives of this forum with regards to the people and casinos I am warning you about.
I hope you heed my warnings and advice so you can avoid the same horrible things that happened to me.
Now that the current US government has stopped us from gaming online, needless to say I am no longer involved. But, under the circumstances of what had happened to me, that is actually a good thing.
Be careful.
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