Sun Palace Email Not Getting Through To Me


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Aug 16, 2009
Has anyone else been having issues with getting e-mail from Sun Palace? Like I know on my first deposit I never got the confirmation e-mail about my deposit. Also requested the transcript of my chat to be sent as well and haven't gotten that either. I know there aren't any spam filters on my e-mail address because it's my own server and I don't have any on there. Any ideas if main street group doesn't send out much e-mail at all period?
For some reason I always had a hard time getting emails from them too. I stayed on live chat once and they had to send it 3 times to 2 different emails before it finally went thru.

Also whenever you make a deposit it always says they send you a confimation email. Well after hundreds of deposits over the years with them I never got a one.
Well I also e-mailed security on Sunday asking a question regarding my faxback forms. I ended up having to report my most recent prepaid card stolen because a site got ahold of it and kept sending small charges through to it. So anyways getting back on track. I had asked support if it would be alright to send in a copy of the card along with the forms without the imprint being done. Because silly me went ahead and cut up the card once I reported it lost. Figuring all the casinos that I had deposited with it had already approved it except theres. The only reason why this became a possible issue is I got an offer in the mail from Slots Plus. A sister site of theres. Well I figure before I make a 2nd deposit and in the really far, off chance that I win. I wanted to cross my t's and dot my i's to make sure my docs from the my previous deposit at one of there sister casinos would be approved. Just so I don't get blocked from having a withdrawal at another property. Just figuring the cashier team is probably the same across the board. Well so far am going on 2 days and no reply yet. Most security departments that I've dealt with normally are pretty good about respond to just questions within the day. Sometimes yes I have found authorization documents can take a few days to approve. Yet for some odd reason the lack of e-mail worries me. So to wrap my rant up. I suppose until there e-mail system gets better I probably won't be taking them up on there 200% offer and probably won't be making a 2nd deposit until we can get some air cleared.
Have either of you tried their live chat? I have found this group of casinos very helpful with any questions I have asked of them. Not that this is a excuse for their not replying but I am wondering if they have skeleton staff over the holidays.
Yes live chats response was to e-mail then my question. Since it dealt with authorization documents instead of just a general question.
Apparently the e-mail address I got from them didn't work. I suppose I'll have to go back into live chat and get the address again.
After I got the right address from live chat everything is working honkey dorey. Is the rep from main street alive here anymore? I posted to the rep here to look at the tread and haven't even seen a reply during this mess.

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