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Apr 28, 2010
Orlando, Fl
I have recently been playing at subscription based online poker sites that are kind of like an alternative for US players or just for those that don't like to worry about bankroll management. To be honest, I was very skeptical about how it all works but it turns out I like it a lot better than I thought I would.

Can anyone else share their experiences about these types of poker sites?

Right now I've just given up on the traditional poker rooms since my money is still gone from Full Tilt and it just seams to risky to go anywhere else. But the subscription based sites are run through the sweepstakes laws making them legal from what I have heard. Only bad thing is that high stakes players won't like it one bit.

But at least here in Florida a law was passed for us to play high stakes in local poker rooms. :) I'm no high stakes player though lol.
I belonged to two subscription sites, PDP and the AllInClub. Both went out of business and kept my money. I"ll never play at a sub site again.
I know it's no 100% safe bet, but ClubWPT is probably not going to steal my money since it is by the World Poker Tour. I'll post back later once I win something though. Hoping to at least cash in the $10k tourney coming up on Sunday so wish me luck! :)
Basically the site starts you out with 500 tournament entry points which you can then build up by playing in SitnGo tournaments or scheduled tournaments for more points or for cash. If a VIP member's points drop below 500 points, they are refreshed back to 500 points the following day.

You cannot win a ton of money like with higher stakes cash games on sites like Pokerstars but it is a great alternative for lower stakes players.

The biggest tournament offers a $1,000 first place prize and is offered once a month but there are tons of smaller tournaments held daily. Sometimes they offer prize packages to World Poker Tour events too.

If your cash prizes exceeds $600 per year, they issue you a 1099 form for tax purposes.

In the terms and conditions of the membership it states that they reserve the right to ban anyone from the cardroom if they are found to be colluding or cheating in any way which is no guarantee that there isnt any of course but it's something.

Ages 18 and up are allowed to become a member too which is nice for the young people. :)

That's about all I can think of for now. Hope that helps.
Lets say you earn $500 dollars in the first year, and then the next year you earn $100 do you get the form then or do you have to earn the full $600 in one year?
I'm pretty sure it goes by year. So as long as you don't make more than $600 each year you wouldn't need to file the 1099 form for that year. But I am not 100% on this.
I signed up an account for this site for my wife. (we are both non us citizens) She has been on a downswing and blew her bankroll. $20 a month was cheaper for me than keeping her pacific poker account funded. Well the first month she cashed first place in a tourney and won $20. When I tried to claim it they informed me that they would be withholding 30% of it. I contacted support asking why they were doing this. Their response is

Preeti: How may I help you?
ChicaCaliente: hello, I just claimed my first cash prize. why is there a 30% reduction when I claim it?
Preeti: Let me check that for you. could you help me with your full name and your date of birth please
ChicaCaliente: ############################
ChicaCaliente: jan 14 1963
Preeti: Thank you. Please give me 2 minutes while I check that for you
Preeti: Thank you for staying connected.
Preeti: May I know if you a US Resident?
ChicaCaliente: Costa Rican Citizen
ChicaCaliente: I submitted my passport and address verifcation already
Preeti: As per our Terms and conditions: Non US residents will be subject to back-up withholding for federal income tax purposes at 30%. Winners will be required to provide such documentation as the Federal Income Tax Regulations require.
ChicaCaliente: what?
ChicaCaliente: I believe your terms say US residents, not non us residents
Preeti: Please check the link below:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Preeti: Under the TAXES Heading number 8
ChicaCaliente: I don't understand what sense that makes. I'm in Costa RIca and I pay taxes on my income here, not in the US
ChicaCaliente: So I am going to be taxed 30% in the US and again here, there isn't much sense in playing
Preeti: Sir, I understand your concern, however, what you can do is..
Preeti: You can accumulate your winnings and claim all of them together
ChicaCaliente: I will be terminating my membership now

Can anyone explain this to me, I don't get it?
If your country does not have a tax treaty with the US they are going to keep it. It is the same as winning a poker tournament although the minimum for a tax form is $5000. Considering there is no specific legislation that permits their subscription service I would be suspicious and skeptical of these guys, especially since poker tournament wins do not require a W2G until a $5000 win.
I made deposits at two of them. When they both went belly up they kept my money and would not answer my emails. I'm done with them all.
I would just like to offer up a tip about anyone that is paying to play at ClubWPT. There is a way to play for free there. You just need to send in an index card with specific details to request it.

There's no need to pay the $19.95 each month unless you just don't feel like sending them the mail.
I would just like to offer up a tip about anyone that is paying to play at ClubWPT. There is a way to play for free there. You just need to send in an index card with specific details to request it.

There's no need to pay the $19.95 each month unless you just don't feel like sending them the mail.

(Hey there fellow floridian)
Wish I would've known that, I joined em for a few months when I was leary of playing online. I didn't see the "point" cuz all u win is more "points" .... lol

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