Expired Promo Stuff Your Stockings with Mr Green and Pragmatic Play

There are promos that are no more.
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I'll drop 3 Qs tomorrow, so there's no surprises and I'll be in anyway going over the thread after it 'closes' :)
Ends the 13th a tic before midnight EST :)

So you've still 3 Qs tomorrow, and time for card/carol/screenies entries until tomorrow midnight (today and tomorrow)
Well, good luck whereever anyone finishes - i dont have the time tommorow to be staring at this page hitting f5 all day :p lol

Considering I didn't join in till a week had past, I think i did alright. :)
Dont you get email notifactions for this thread, Thats how I know when someone posted on here just pops up on my laptop or phone, same for any thread, Im not to sure why its does it but it has since I joined here
notifications for me only started working 2 days ago for some bizarre reason, before that they never worked. I got a notification when tonights questions were posted, so i first go to this pages tab in browser and refresh it - question already answered. I'll be looking in now and again tommorow, maybe ill catch another question, but shall see. :)
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