Stay Away From Coolcatcasino


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Apr 22, 2005
After playing with this casino, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that people stay away from this casino. They refused to pay out becuase of multiple accounts even though it was there software that kept giving me errors which forced me to open another account. STAY AWAY
Which goes to show, if you get errors, talk to support before trying to open another account. Any casino would do the same thing, not just this one.
Isn't this casino????

Doesn't this Cool Cat RTG casino have something to do with Prism casino? If you download the software doesn't it come up Prism or Virtual? Could of sworn I ran into something like that with these guys???? :what:
They were rude and unsupportive! They have received many other complaints and you should definitely STAY AWAY! This one is no good!
cool cat

ive had a lot of problems with casinos, but not coolcat, they've been one of the best rtg's to me., although they take about 2 weeks to pay, they have always paid me with no hassle, i would recommend them based on personal experience
lost of problems

Lots of problems for me too. Actually had to go trough montana to get solved. Not recieving documents, not replying emails and so on...I think its connected to cirrus/virtual.. cant prove anything though.


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