Stan James Casino/Payment Processor Issue, Be Advised


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Jul 30, 2012
Greenock, Scotland. UK
For anyone waiting on withdrawals from Stan James Casino; FYI, their Payment Processor (Worldpay) has apparently been having issues with both deposits and withdrawals. They have however assured Stan James that these should be resolved within 48hrs, and all players' should receive their funds by this Friday at the latest
Funds still not received; just been informed by Stan James Casino that WorldPay has only just isolated and fixed the problem, and it's just a case of working through the backlog of payments so may be 5 working days but "possibly" earlier. Quite unacceptable IMHO and the casino did mention that once they're satisfied all players' have received their funds, they will receive a "token of goodwill". So I hope it's an appropriate and proportional gesture.

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