Spammer Puttermans faces Court


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Mar 23, 2004
I have been reliably informed that Jeroen Puttermans was raided at home a couple of days ago. Computer equipment has been confiscated pending his court appearance in Belgium.

Without substantial defense it is very likely he will face a jail term.

I would like to thank a former webmaster who prefers to remain anonymous for considerable help in expediting charges against Jeroen P.

Hopefully this will serve as a warning to those who see the internet as a free license to scam and spam that you will be accountable for your actions.

For the record, Jeroen P bounced around 300k of emails with myself or my wife Ellen as the sender, commonly known as spoofing. These ranged from viagra to shut this person down and various casino offers.

A considerable amount were directed back to him along with auto reply attachments, resulting in claims I had hacked his mail servers.

This is incorrect. I am not a hacker. I just will not be subjected to intimidation nor change my primary email address that was targeted to give some little scumbucket who saw himself as untouchable, the satisfaction of ego driven supremacy.

Some 7 million emails were sent out multiple times daily, 7 days a week in his general operation. This was to opt in, traded and stolen lists, that garnered players for casinos using his casinowebmarketing site. Most of those casinos acted promptly to complaints and being made aware of his other various illegal activities, by cancelling their accounts.
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Good news indeed,had quite a few disturbing emails as a result of this clowns activities.
Justice has been served.

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