Question Slots with sticky / added Wilds in bonus games?


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Apr 2, 2007

Not sure if it was already asked before, but I have few questions regarding slots with a) sticky wilds in bonus games and b) slots where more wilds added to reels in bonus games (such as Golden Legend from Play N Go).

It is more like technical question, but still interesting to know.

a) how adding sticky Wilds affects RTP ?

As an example - DOA, where alternative set of reels is used without scatters and less wilds (I suppose).
If Scatters and few Wilds are removed from the reels, what symbol replaces them? Or there is no replacement, which makes reels shorter and therefore changes probabilities?

During bonus game, when sticky wild covers the symbol - does it reduces the probability of getting more wilds, because there are less uncovered symbols left ?

Also, does game server considers bonus game as one spin or as 12 spins (for DOA)?

b) how adding more Wilds affects RTP ? Let's take Golden Legend from Play N Go.

How it is implemented? It can be either adding more Wilds to the reels, and therefore increasing their length, or replacing other symbols.

If it done through adding more symbols (which I think is most possible way) - does that mean that the chance for the re-trigger is less, because reels are longer, but Wilds don't replace Scatters?

Also, the same question for game server: is the bonus game considered as one spin or 10 or more (if re-triggered)?



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Mar 29, 2013
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How we design game maths changes with every game. The reel bands for Dead or Alive in the feature will be entirely different to the base game... It's almost never as simple as just removing other symbols, as you suggest as a possibility. It's an entirely new reel band design that gives the designer the feature they want with the feel and RTP they want.

There is quite simply no "rule" for how features are achieved in terms of reel band and maths design.

And your question about whether it's one game or 12... what exactly are you asking? In regards to RTP calculation then it's all in one game cycle, but it is still requesting an rng for each of the spins.
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