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I don't play slots or video poker but I'd like to start

if I was at a land based casino which slot should i play and why?

I know they have loose and tight machines but is there a particular game i should start on?

Video poker is a slot machine technically with same chances of winning? or are chances better on a poker machine?




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IMO, slots are almost all about luck. The only skill involved is knowing when to stop feeding any particular machine and move on.

That being said, when I go into a casino to play slots I am looking mostly for entertainment and I like themes that are familiar to me. I also like slot games with interesting features where you get to pick things instead of just 'get 3 scatters for 15 free spins'.

The vast majority of my land-based slotting is played on games from WMS. Anything from the 'Wizard of Oz' series, Zeus II, or any of the Spinning Streak games and right now I'm really into the new Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory game.

These are some of the games that appeal to me and that I find entertaining but for someone new the best thing to do is probably look around and see which games 'call' you by catching your eye or ear. The variety is practically endless so find games that appeal to your particular tastes and entertain you.


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Video poker is NOT a slot machine and yes you have a much better chance of winning.

The difference when you play video poker you know the odds and on a slot you have no idea on the RTP. The key in VP is to choose a game with the best returns like 9-6 jacks or better. That is 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. If you learn the proper strategy in VP you will do much better in the long run.


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With slots, especially those with progressives, read the rules to see if you need to bet max to be able to win the progressives. Many machines nowadays might not offer certain features either if you bet less than max lines.

When I was last in AC, there were banks of slots in some casinos advertising 99.5% payback. Of course, you can lose on any slot because we never play the millions of spins, but your odds are a little better.

If you are going to play Video Poker, learn the proper strategy for the game you are playing, or at least a simple strategy for it. When I first started playing VP, I actually took a handful of printed sheets and referred to them (much as you would use a BJ strategy chart). No one ever said I couldn't.

One of my very favourite VP games is Pick-Em (also called Pick-a-pair). It's easy to learn, and usually only comes with two pay table variations -- one that pays a premium for four of a kind, and one that doesn't but offers a much higher prize for the Royal Flush. It's a little different in that you are dealt two cards you must keep, and then choose one of two other cards presented to you, and receive the two cards "under" them to make your hand, but the strategy is very simple to learn.

Most VP games pay a premium on a Royal for 5 coins, and sometimes for other hands, so play the max number of coins. If you can't afford $5 a hand, find a machine where it's 5 cents.

Wizard of Odds offers a great site for VP strategies. You can play fun mode online to practice and get familiar with the correct choices as you learn.

If you can find "Let 'Em Ride" in a VP format, it's another easy one.

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