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Jan 13, 2006
Recieved email from Slots Oasis stating that I recieved a VIP bonus and it was added to my account and "log in to play" received today. Following is email with CS after discovering no bonus added.

info: You are now chatting with 'Allen'
Allen: Hi and welcome. How can I help you?
footdr: hi allen, I received an email that my account received a 100.00 bonus
footdr: This is a complementary email to inform you that the bonus you requested, either online or by one of our CS representatives was credited to your account. Coupon amount $100.00. Just log into your account and start playing. This bonus is a courtesy of Slots Oasis in order to show how much we appreciate your patronage of our casino. Should you have any further questions, please contact our 24/7 customer support team at USA Toll-Free: +1-800-488-1746UK Free phone: +44-800-047-0972 Or write an e-mail to Enjoy the games and see you at the tables! Yours sincerely, Slots Oasis Team
footdr: hello
footdr: allen
Allen: We apologize for the confusion, the message you've recevied is actually a glitch in the system that just sends a late email confirming an ND that you took with us before.
Allen: several players that had the same case as you are receving this. we're working on it.
footdr: are saying it is an error
footdr: and that I was misinformed?
Allen: correct
Allen: correct
footdr: I believe you should stand by this as it is not fair to claim it as an error when someone takes the time to download the casin
footdr: casino
footdr: I have lost many dollars and thought I was receiving a vip bonus for playing at all three of your casinos consistantly
Allen: the email is a glitch by our system which we try our best to fix
footdr: please refer this to your casino management as I believe it should be honored.
Allen: we already apologized for it, but we cannot give a free bonus for every of the hundreds of players that come in every second as we speak
footdr: fixing will provide my bonus as stated?
Allen: besides you, I got another 5 players asking about the same email
footdr: otherwise how will fixing it compensate me for my wasted time
Allen: and another 5 will come in once I'm done with them
footdr: not the players problem, sorry but I own a business and stand behind our services
Allen: sir, please understand we cannot "compensate" for this glitch as it revolves around a big amount of players and cannot be considered as a direct fault on our end
footdr: whose fault is it? does someone else not associated with your casino have access to my account information and email, also I am a woman
footdr: USA Toll-Free: +1-800-488-1746UK Free phone: +44-800-047-0972 Or write an e-mail to Enjoy the games and see you at the tables! Yours sincerely, Slots Oasis Team
Allen: my apologies mam, the system automatically sends an email to each and every person who redeemed any sort of No deposit bonus before. we did not send these on purpose
Allen: and especially not 10 or 20 or in some players cases 50 times in a row
footdr: so this is not an email sent from your slots Oasis Team eventhough it lists your phone number and email address?
Allen: when it obviosly shows it wasn't sent by a human being
Allen: it's sent by our system embedded by Slots Oasis
footdr: you appear to have a problem
Allen: we do
Allen: and trying to fix it at the moment
footdr: but it is unfair to claim you are not responsible. you are responsible for your system maintainence and performance and why does it matter to me if your are working to fix it. I have already been inconviences.
footdr: Plus I have never received a Managers, CS or free bonus EVER
footdr: at any of your casinos, as inetbet and club world provide me monthly
footdr: I will contact you casino representative and post this on casinomeister forum so other players are not bothered by this illigit email
footdr: what is the name of the manager
footdr: of the casino
Allen: and therefore we apologize to every player that comes in and informing them of the situation
Allen: another player can come in and claim that he wish to get compensated for 1000$ for this issue, whilst most of them accept the apology and carry on
Allen: it's all in the player's eyes
footdr: I was not offered 1000s of dollars I was told to login to my account as I had a bonus added to my account
footdr: why would I claim 1000s of dollars. that is not what the email said
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
footdr: what is the managers name
Allen: on 4/29/2010 11:02:37 PM you were given a 100$ Retroactive bonus, the system sent you a LATE email saying that you should receive some sort of complementary bonus
Allen: that is incorrect as it's a glitch and should be ignored
Allen: every player got the same email if he went through the same situation
footdr: I received the email today and never received the email you mentioned on 4/29/10
footdr: From: Sent: Fri 5/28/10 4:49 PM To:

Mind you I have never received a NO DEPOSIT Bonus at slots oasis and so it CS agent was not accurated when he said every who ever received a no deposit bonus received this.

Sorry, but I wasted approx. 30 minutes dealing with an issue that is their fault not mine and feel I should have recieved some sort of compensation. On top of it he blames it on the Technical Team? How hard is to send an email to every player sent this email asking to disregard this. Should have been done after first player complaint. Additionally, those players that contact support should receive a small bonus in their account to compensate them for the waste of time. I for one consider my time to be valuable!

What a crock!
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Apr 14, 2004
I think Allen gave you a good explanation. In a perfect world things like this shouldn't happen, but there can be glitches. If the casino already stated that it's a mistake I see no reason to get up in arms about it. They don't owe you anything.


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Aug 27, 2008
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Its happened to me 1 time with another casino. Not great to learn its a glitch but it does happen somtimes. Annoying at the most. I think the casino gave you an honest response - also not sure its always a good thing to use CM forum as a tool to try push a casino to come in on your side. But hey thats just me. Fyi when i did biatch at the casino that sent me a bonus "in error" they relented in the end and credited me the bonus which i promptly lost within about 23 seconds. Bad Karma I suppose ;)