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Jan 13, 2006
I noticed that many posts and threads are regarding "slow payment" from various casino groups regardless of software.

Seems strange that they can process deposits from ewallets and other methods without much difficulty BUT have trouble paying your winnings to the various ewallets.

I say they have either don't have the money to pay or are purposely delaying payouts, for what purpose I have no idea.

I want to compliment English Harbour Group and Mini-vegas Group as they are processing withdrawals to QT within 48-72hours. While I have been waiting 17 days for payout from Slotmadness to qt. Unexcusable.

Your thoughts and experiences appreciated
First of all, I do not have any winnings showing paid, they are all in process.

Second, I have been quite impressed to see members here supporting gambling and see it by watching deposits being processed.

Third, I see that Casinomeister members are being made to wait on withdrawals like any other member of a casino betting site.

What's up with that!!!
Inetbet still pay in 24 hours.

AFAIK Slot Madness is part of the Virtual Group. It's only been 17 days so I would leave it another month or two before really being concerned.

There are a lot of casinos with cashflow problems at present which is causing payment delays.

IMO any casino that can't pay in 24 hrs should be avoided.
Thanks for responses

I was unaware at the time I deposited to slot madness that they had changed ownership. The last time I cashed out was in early 2010 and was paid quickly.

If casinos are having cashflow problems, they should not be in business.

They are paid instantly in many situations and should be able to pay winnings as quickly.

It is fraud in my opinion to accept deposits when unable to pay winnings.

I will report slot madness to the government if they do not pay me with the 20 days, total time from withdrawal, that they promised.

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