Running RTG/Playtech/MG under Linux


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Apr 30, 2004
Moravia, Costa Rica
Hey all

I was bored tonight, tried out Playtech, MG & RTG under wine in Linux ( using VNC to connect to the linux machine ). Playtech & RTG both work fine, MG won't start. Had to use the wine latest snapshot as the one included with Debian Linux ( ver. Potato ) did not work. Someone might find the info useful ;)

Note: Wine doesn't emulate windows, rather they've re-implemented most of windows programming calls ( libraries ) in portable C, so the application runs fast!

Screenshot of Playtech:
Dragging up an old thread a bit here, but I just thought I'd confirm that MG casinos can be made to work under Linux.

Unfortunately MG seems to rely on Internet Explorer, so you'll need Crossover Office to install that, then use CO again to install the casino. The only thing that doesn't work is the banking from within the software, you can get round this by using the instant play section of the casino's website (if they have one of course) to deposit and cashout. To do this obviously you need to install a flash that IE can use, but Crossover has a nice no-hassle installation routine for both Internet Explorer and its flash plugin.

Hope that made sense to someone! I've got about 5 casinos installed now (Ladbrokes, 32Red, Gaming Room amongst others) on SuSE9.3 with CO 4.1, and they all work OK. It might look like a lot of hassle, and you'll have to spend a few quid on Crossover, but its sooooo nice not having to reboot into windows whenever I fancy a gamble :D
If you install IE using Crossover Office then the MG flash things work fine, if a little sluggish. I'll provide screenshots if you want.

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