Review of the new MG games (February 2007)


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Dec 1, 2005
The last month, slot-wise, was a horrible month for me. It already started with the review of the January games where I had to re-deposit for the first time during my reviews because 'Prime Property' simply kept robbing me. Since then I have given it some more chances and I have been robbed every time. Twice I have managed to get 30+ free spins with *6 multiplier but even that paid less than 100*bet size. Besides I am still shocked that they released a slot where the scatters turn into dead symbols during the freespins. What a horrible inexcusable design flaw. I will never play this slot again because of the flaw and not only because got robbed.

Then I tried some RTG casino (not rogued but also not accredited) and boy was I in for some spanking. At least it was with some 50%-100% bonuses or I would really have felt stupid. When you are used to 96% payout slots and then start playing what I believe are 92% or even less, you can tell the difference. So I advise you to play at accredited RTG casinos since they seem to have much higher payout%. 49'er and INetBet are the only RTG casino I have seen publishing payout%, and you can only speculate why other RTG casino does not publish their payout%. Again I have to praise Rival for informing about every slots payout% under the help page. But check the help page regulary since I have seen the same slot(Reel Party) having payout% changed several times.

Some very interesting thing worth mentioning did happen in the last month though. 3Dice casino released their second 5-reel slot and it was the every popular egyptian theme but with a new name 'Tutankhamun'. It was 100.0% rip-off from the MG slot Isis. It has the same paytable, same game rules and same symbols except for wild that is now Tutankhamun instead of the beautiful Nefertite. I wonder if they also copied the reels which would give the exact same payout as 'Isis'. What is remarkable about this slot is that the graphics are really impressive with some 3D animations and mostly that the theme is perfected by Scarabeus random crawling over the screen. Slot lovers should take a look at this one. 3Dice casino is not accredited so be warned, but you can play it for fun-money. Also at some of the VP games RF does not scale to 4000 at bet 5. They do have a full pay JoB though, so it is not because they want to have a too high house edge on their games.

Last month I talked about themes generally saying I was playing MG for their strong themes/graphics/engine and RTG for their unique features. I also
complained about MG making their themes to childish, but I forgot to mention Crypto(Intercasino) in this comparison. Because
Crypto does have mature themes. They have the violent Marvel slots, a Zombie slot,vampire slots etc. and even a adult themed slot for both the boys and girls. To make my dream slot you have to combine the uniqueness from RTG with the themes from Crypto and graphics/engine from MG.

And now to the reviews.

Porky Payout:
20 line
Low variance

The intro is a nothing special, but it is there at least. The graphics does not seen to be as detailed as other MG slots, but it still has
the cartonish look that I like about MG slots. The pig theme can only been seen in the two high pay tables, except from these two symbols you would have no clue what the theme is about.

5 wild does pay 15000 which is good. I say anything less than 10000 is an insult since it is very hard to hit and increasing it does not change the payout% much. Unfortunately the wild does not multiply win. It is a standard slot where 3 scatters trigger the feature game. 5 scatters also only pay 100*bet size and you can not except to win much during the feature game, so I classify this as a low variance slot.

The feature is the basic pick some symbols to reveal a prize. This the most boring kind of feature and also the oldest. You get to pick 6 symbols and it seems they each range from 2*bet size to 20*bet size and most of they are around 5*bet size.

This is an unbelievably boring and old-fashioned slot to release in 2007. Also most of the sounds are just taken from other slots.

The High Life:
5 line
Low variance

The intro is short but does the work and present the slot.

This slot is special since you do not need the symbols to align from left to right, you just need minimum 3 symbols anywhere on a payline. A few slots have the left-to-right and right-to-left paytable, but this is even less restrictive. There is only wild on reel 2 and reel 4 and it does not multiply wins. It is pretty clear that you can not have wild on all reels with this pay-feature or the paytable would be really bad.

3 scatters give 10 free spins that can not be re-triggered.

This slot is a good alternative to all the left-to-right pay slots. And 5-lines is more than it sounds like because it is very easy to 3 symbols anywhere on a payline. It will not make it to my favorite list but I might play it once in a while.

My favorite MG slots
#1 Isis
#2 Mega Moolah
#2 Avalon
#3 Loaded
#4 Thunderstruck
#5 Mad Hatters
#6 Moonshine
#7 Harvey's

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Thanks Zoozie - and agree about 'Porky Payout' - incredibly boring: the most boring bonus round ever... The least they could have done is have some of the options as free spins like Glory of Rome.

The other one is a bit better but gave me a staggeringly small payout when I hit the feature.

Not impressed... :rolleyes:
Another great review Zoozie! :thumbsup:
I only wish the slots were as good as your posts :(

You mentioned some other softwares - have you ever considered posting reviews of those as well, especially as MG seems to have lost their imaginative spark...?

The best new slot I've played recently is WagerWorks Monopoly Here & Now.
First time I played it I thought it was rubbish, but gave it another go & got hooked!
This is one of those slots where the longer you play without hitting the bonus feature round, the bigger the rewards in that round get.
So though you may be frustrated at how long it takes to 'hit', once it does you know you have a good chance of getting all your money back, or more!

In the shot below it took ages to get the feature, starting at 20p/spin and gradually upping until it hit at 80p/spin. Got the free-parking bonus (the one you really want) & won 57.
Of course, I really wanted the red car to win the race (151), but at least it wasn't the yellow! ;)

My MG casinos are being very childish today.

Parents of small children will know what I mean.

You prepare their dinner, and get them to sit down at the table (well, you did in my day:D ). You go off to do some chores and come back nearly an hour later, and the little ****s have not eaten a damn thing!!!!!

You have to stand over the little b*****s, and cajole each and every mouthful down their gobs, and it takes b****y ages!!!!

You think that's bad?

Try getting an MG casino to actually UPDATE the new games put in front of it:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
this is what i received in my email about the porky payout:

The time has come to pig out on riches in our 5-Reel, 20-Payline Slot. Choose the right gold bricks in the 'Pick X of Y' Bonus Game and the base Jackpot of $150,000 can be boosted by an additional $120,000, thanks to a 600x Multiplier.

600X Multiplier? is this true?

i tried to get em last night but the gods didn't granted me even 3 scatters:mad:
I got a 100* multiplier in play mode in Porky.

Anybody try the new jackpot factory slot there yet?
Hi all.
Thanks Zoozie as always.

I agree with KK that the wagerworks slots are worth a look.

The RTG slots are fun to play but again I agree the payout can be lower than other places with different software.

MG have slid down the list for me because as Zoozie and others say there is such a lack of imagination in their new slots and the hit your hard drive takes every time you try an MG casino is not worth the hassle. Also, this is just my opinion, all the new games over the last few months seem to pay very poorly.

G-FED slots I find uninspiring with poor paytables

My favourate software is Grand Virtual as the features/free spins come quite often and have a high variance of payout so you never know what you are going to get.My favourite slots here are;

Cactus Jack:
3 symbols anywhere on a payline awards a win
2 Wild symbols one of which doubles as a scatter.
and the freespins are often retriggered.

Mildly amusing pick feature that never gets tiresome as you are never sure how many picks you will get and if you get to 5 your prize is tripled. Also as mentioned you can win as little as your stake :( to some top prizes :D which is much better than a pick feature where you always get nearly the same amount.

Of course if you have read my thread about Impirial and everest you might want to hang fire but definately worth a look if you trust them(accredited).
It was 100.0% rip-off from the MG slot Isis. It has the same paytable, same game rules and same symbols except for wild that is now Tutankhamun instead of the beautiful Nefertite. I wonder if they also copied the reels which would give the exact same payout as 'Isis'.

It is not the same reels. I manage to get '9' twice on reel1 and this is definately not possible with Isis. So do not assume the MG 96% payout.
Played The high life last night and what a dreary useless game it is.
200+ spins with a highest win of 4* stake.What a joke.No feature obviously and damn is it boring.I can not imagine anyone enjoying this slot unless they happen to hit a big win.

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