Payout duration + consolation free spins?


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May 10, 2015
So my withdrawal has been on hold for 48 hours even though my account is already verified. So that can't be the reason for the delay.

I really don't know why they just don't pay out my money what they're waiting for.

In the chat you only get copy & paste answers asking for "a little" patience!
That's why I emailed yesterday to ask what the reason for this unnecessary delay was!

An hour ago I receive an email:
Rooster Freispiele.PNG

I then went into the chat and asked the reason for the 50 no deposit free spins:
"Is it perhaps to make up for the fact that I'm still waiting for my withdrawal that has been on hold for 48 hours and I still haven't received an answer as to why this is happening even though my account is already verified with you?"

The answer was:
"Everything is fine with your payment! the fact is that the finance department processes all withdrawals in turn!"

But that wasn't the answer to my question: WHY did I get the free spins at all?
Then he replied:
"unfortunately, the loyalty bonus is not available to you?"

I didn't ask about that either!
He just hasn't answered my questions and that makes me feel bad.

I explained to him that of course I'll only play the free spins once I've finally received my payout - because 48 hours is a very long time and I just don't know what the payment department is waiting for.
I really don't have a plan and even less an idea!
And the payout is still pending :-(

Have any of you ever had something like this where you simply have 50 no deposit spins in your account during a withdrawal process that is delayed and you don't even know why?

I have now received my payout after 50 hours and 15 minutes
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