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I tried to download Vegas Sky, 21Grand and Club Vegas but it says the unit or file is not accessible. There is also a red alert from Norton about the setup[1].exe. I figure it must be Norton that prevents the download and not a problem with the download and security. But what about the red alert, I don't recall seeing that more than once or twice before. Norton rates it a medium risk. What would you do?
I tried a couple of other Rivals without any problem.


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Would put my money on "false positive" :) Although Norton does do you a favor when it comes to those Rival white labels... :D


Don't know about the viruses, but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Rival whitelabels, at least, some of them.
But before you decide to play at 21Grand, you might want to read this thread carefully.


Vegas Sky will give you bonuses with a lovely 450x deposit + bonus WR :eek2: just because you're from Sweden.
Not really worth the hassle.

Wow, thank you :notworthy That post (link) was scary. I went straight back to another Rival and reversed a withdrawal, just in time btw before the 24 hrs. You may very well have saved me some bucks :thumbsup:
I know some about the white labels, only play Rival when I find a bonus that gives me a fair chance, consequently every other year or so ;)
Obviously I will have to read up on the white labels.

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It is true actually :) it's been a year since I deposited at any Rival.
I tried to download those because I wanted to check if the first deposit bonuses were available. It's either that or no bonus at all. I would say almost all of their bonuses are just a waste of time and money, but with good t&c it's worth it. Some of the slots have amazing pay-outs.