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Oct 22, 2004
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My question concerns withdrawal requst by neteller from Riobaycasino ( by Ladbrokes).
When I want to make deposit I see window the same like at ladbrokes. it is instant deposit by neteller. if it is the same way when I want to make withdrawal? Is withdrawal proceede in real time ( instant) on my netteler account?

thanks for help.
Vicek - the withdrawal won't be instant, but it should be fairly quick. Ladbrokes/Riobay/Playboy (all run by Ladbrokes) don't have the usual 24 hour waiting period that most Microgaming casinos have.

I'm not sure what else you want to know about Riobay. It's a reliable, completely run-of-the-mill MG casino, but I only ever played there for the bonus. I imagine it's been reduced now in the same way the Ladbrokes one has. Actually, I just checked and it hasn't been reduced, so it's a good bonus. The BJ minimum is 10 credits, so video poker at one coin is probably the best bet (increases the house edge but also the chance of keeping most of the bonus ;)).

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