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Doctor Carlos

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I am new at Online Casinos. I will appreciate if you let me know if Vegas Lucky Casino is o.k. to start plyaing. I could not found then under evil or accredited Casinos, so I am wandering where they fit.


Dr. Carlos :thumbsup:

Bruce Hamilton

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All that means is they are neither rogue or endorsed by the casinomeister, doesn't make them good or bad. A lot of players here would vote against it based on Real Time Gaming. I personally would have no problem making a deposit there and taking the 100% match up to $500. Their WR is only 12, most are 15 and up.


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I would be interested in player experiences with this casino too. I have been asked by some players to add it to my site but just really don't know enough about it.


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About a month ago I got 3 yingyang symbols while playing Lucky Dragon at Vegas Lucky. It was a $3000.00 spin.

I ended up cashing out $2400.00. I was asked by Vegas Lucky to fax my ID and their faxback form and I was paid in less than a week.

Two Thumbs up in my book for Vegas Lucky


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Vegas Lucky

The first time I played at Vegas lucky was on a free $30, I hit really well....meeting my WR, and was able to cash out $400.00 on free $30.00. the cashout was faster than a Microgaming casino, and no run arounds....
I was getting the run around about id and all with the microgaming more than with this RTG....

I have spoken to the Customer service people alot, about my cashout...etc...never had a problem with them....

Yes, right now i have a post about a bug in Lion's lair and them..but you know...i have contacted them and they are on top of it. NO issues.

I get emails from Vegas lucky with bonus amounts..that are resonable, and the WR can be met. and the max cashout amount is 5K , and the only limit is it is played on slots....which is all i play. They have promos for the other games...
There are not enough RTG sites at are on the up and up....

I am still in shock I was able to cashout $400.00 on a free $30.00 and I had never deposited there before....sooooo... :thumbsup:

Doctor Carlos

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Thank you all you guys that took the time to help me with your experiences.

I will give them a try.

Dr. carlos


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i cashed out and i was paid in 2 days into my neteller acct.and that was also off a free 30.00. since i deposit there alot i have not been lucky enough to cash out "YET" but i do like them and i have never had any problems.good luck to ya!! :thumbsup:


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12 times on slots??? Man that can take a while....

Vegas Lucky Casino will match your first deposit dollar-for-dollar up to $500! Play any games you wish to play, however, you must wager 12 times your deposit and bonus on Slots before requesting a cash-out.