Recommended device for mobile play


Was playing earlier this week and decided if I won £200 that day i'd buy myself a device to play on the go. Something which allows me the benefit of a full desktop experience but in a useful mobile device.

Happened to get a five scatter on DOA so that was £225 in the account.

Found the following on Amazon

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Have had it a few days now and am very pleased with it. Managed to play DOA on the go using my mobile to tether it over wifi.

Full Windows 10 experience. Detachable keyboard and just enough storage to make it a useful backup for my ailing laptop.

Thought i'd share it in case any one else is in the market for something cheap but useful.

Have to say, been a while since i've bought a computer (laptop is approaching 5 years old now) and i'm amazed at the quality of the thing for the price.

If memory serves, my first computer came with 4gb HDD and 64/128mb ram, a 33k dialup modem and a 14 inch CRT monitor. Cost me best part of £1,000 and probably as much again in dialup and ISP subscription.

Now, not being familiar with Win10 I'm going to have to suss out how i can screen mirror it to my Amazon Fire stick. Be good to try out a bit of play at 42"