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Sep 1, 2004
Perhaps someone could explain this to me:

On most casino homepages you will usually see a list of recent big winners.
Alot of times, you will usually see a large BJ winner....many $5,000 and up.
How is this possible?? Even with splitting and doubling, you cant reach that figure with most casinos max bet. One particular RTG site claims a recent blackjack and war winner of $132,000. Even though the max bj bet at this casino is $200. :what:

Surely, they don't mean the cumulative wins over say a week or so?

Else we would all be big winners at one time or another...

Just curious, this has been bothering me for awhile.
dominique said:
VIP players often get to play much larger bets, depending on the casino.

Yep, I remember a recent thread where one was allowed to play $500-$4,000 a hand BJ with VIP status.

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