Question about Optimal Return In MG VP


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Dec 7, 2004
This is under statistics in the MG's VPs. My question is, what is it?
Right now it says:
Optimal play expected return: 101.3
Your play expected return: 101.3

I just don't understand what these figures mean...
Any help appreciated.
The return assuming optimal play, as opposed to the return on however you've chosen to play.

In this case, the play you chose appears to be the optimal play. If you'd played sub-optimally, the latter figure would be lower.
If this is true it could be your personal ATM machine. For each $100 bet you'll get $101.30 back. Deposit 10K, put on autoplay 10000 hands at $100 each with the lowest possible interval between hands and go to sleep and in the morning you should have $23000 in your account.
Thank you :)
Yes, I am very good at playing videopoker. I did as HateMG suggested, deposited 10k and now I am rich! :)
Damn shame that I keep seeing flying donkeys too :p

Thanks for all the answers - it was the return per 100 I didn't understand.

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