Question about Micro software


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Sep 21, 2004
Gods Country Canada
I play regularly at about 5 different Micro Casinos, I mostly play T/Struck, Ladies, Spring Break, and Double Double, my qustion is when the casinos get licensed by the software provider do they have the option to "set up" the payouts within a certain regulated range. The reasons I am asking is for instance when I play at 32Red or Grand Bay I do fairly well on the slots, I get lots of free spins and they actually pay but when I play at Cinema I dont get many spins and when they do come the dont usually pay anything but I do better on the Vid Poker there. I deposit and play everyday so I am not thinking this is just coincidental or bad luck due to the amount of time, spins and money wagered. I love Cinema they treat me great I get comped and they pay fast but am feeling like I cant win there anymore.

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