Question about Carriben gold casino??


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Apr 20, 2003
First time playing there was yesterday, How fast do they pay? and how do you feel about the black jack? i had a good run , my may concern how fast do they pay.

Thanks Damian
This group pays quickly. Their software (odds-on) is crap though. It's one of the worst casino software packages on the net IMO.
bethug said:
why do you say that dirk , please explain
The software looks ok to me

IMO, it's slow to load, it's buggy and the graphics suck.

And the English Harbour group is cheap. Their promotions are terrible--they are afraid to give anything back to the players. You get better deals at the El Cortez in Las Vegas. And that's not saying much.
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EH casinos

It's true that they have a piss poor version of blackjack (HA .73% or something) but otherwise I have always loved this group. IMO The software plays much much much much much better and faster than crypto or boss but slower than MG, RTG, and playtech. That is if you turn the game sounds off in the options menu so the stupid voices don't play. Also their bonuses are really excellent. I have made an absolute killing plowing through them, and without a lot of time spent at it. They pay fast and don't hassle you for ID docs or FVFs. I say go for it. Sorry if I sound like a casino promo but I have just come off a couple big wins from these guys :D

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