Purple Lounge locks account, won't pay balance.


Dormant account
Jun 5, 2004
I signed up and deposited a bunch of money at this casino about 6 weeks ago. I don't really play poker anymore, I was just playing in the casino. When it asked to give an alias, I just typed something in really quick beacuse I knew I would'nt use it.

After I got their recent email stating they no longer accepted US players, I went to withdraw my funds, as they seem to have a deadline for doing this. I was suprised to see my accont has been locked. I sent a query email. They said that it has been locked because I have used other aliases in their Prima Poker network. I patiently explained via email in response that this must be because of my poker signups that were made years ago in this network, I asked that my balance (I think $700-$1000 or so) be cashed out so that I could move on.

Long story short, after we have gone back and forth a few times, their stance seems to be that I can cashout anytime I want in order to get my money, but that I can't loggin to my account to do this. In effect, they are keeping the money...

Dear xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting Purple Lounge Support. With regards to your issue, your
account was locked because you have multiple aliases on the Prima Poker network.
Your other alias xxxxxx has been left open but your alias at Purple Lounge has
been locked. Unfortunately we are unable to unlock this alias as it is strictly
against the operating rules to use multiple aliases. Furthermore, unfortunately
we are no longer able to accept bets, rake or wagers from US players until
further notice. As such, your account will remain open for a further 7 days
after which time it will be suspended. All withdrawals must be made before this
time. We regret that this situation has arisen and we are constantly reviewing
it with our legal team. Should our position on this matter change, we will
contact you again to reopen your account.

Best Regards
Purple Lounge Support

... Some version of this email has been sent to me in response the last three times I have communicated with them. Obviously, I deserve my balance paid to me. I didn't even know it was a Prima Poker room went I first signed up there, and even if I did, I wouldn't have thought that quickly entering in an alias and goin about my play in the casino would result in so much havoc. Also, I deposited and played on and off for over a month before their system decided to lock my account for this reason, a reason that was never even made public information to me while I was signing up.
I honestly think this is just some burecratic mistake on their part, dogmaticaly clinging to their "terms" without giving my account a personal overview so that we can clear up this matter, and get my payment made to me. I would normally just call up and hash this out personally with an accounts manager, but only now do I realize they do not have a phone # listed for contact on their site. My emails requesting they provide me with a phone # to call, or to give me a call, have gone unaddressed. Only now of course do I remeber one of the Casinomeister mantra's to avoid casinos that do not provide phone #'s, but hind sight's always 20-20.

Does anyone know how I can contact them? Right now it's looking like I'm out almost a grand for no reason, and I really can't afford that at the moment. The clock's ticking too, only 7 days before they will probably not even respond to my emails anymore.
No e-mail confirmation on signup??? Your alias would be onthis e-mail if you signed up and account number. Unless of course you didn't give them a correct e-mail address to receive this confirmation?
Does anyone know how I can contact them? Right now it's looking like I'm out almost a grand for no reason, and I really can't afford that at the moment. The clock's ticking too, only 7 days before they will probably not even respond to my emails anymore.

Did you PM the Purple Lounge rep here?
I believe I did click the confirm email link, and I have only used one email for years now. I will try to PM the rep, I didn't realize there was one on board here.
Log in.

Is it possible to log in on their website? Surely locking the Prima poker room account should not prevent access to the casino, as it is a poker issue.
Since US players will no longer be allowed, it is simply a matter of retrieving the funds. I believe I read about this elsewhere, and after the 7 days I recall there being an alternative, but less convenient, method of retrieving the balance via support.

This ad hoc locking out of US players with little or no notice is not going to help the industry if this blows over and US players are legally able to play casino games online after all.

Their rep is worth a try, as I have seen other issues resolved this way in the complaints section.
Has anyone asked the rep or casinos that have decided to not allow US players anymore why they just don't flush all accounts for US players to the last deposit method that they made to the casino? I mean how hard can that be to do.

1. Sort list by players location
2. Flag all USA player accounts
3. Flush account to last method of deposit
4. Suspend USA accounts

Anything short of that is theft in my eyes. If they do not even let you log into the account after a set amount of days then they are holding your money without offering compensation (interest which they are gaining from it I am sure).
Hello Members.

Firstly, thankyou to Soflat for the advise to contact me.
As some of you know, being part of the prima network requires a player to not have multiple aliases. This can be difficult as some players are not aware that they have already created a prima alias as they are not aware of who belongs to the network. (I have put forward a request that we say that we are on the prima network on the homepage) In most cases when a player finds his account locked, they are trying to sign up directly to the lobby, and this is the account that is automatically locked by prima when they notice that a player has multiple aliases. When this happens, a player has to contact us with a reason for having multiple aliases and then we work with prima to get the account unlocked and we designate one alias to that player. However, at Purple Lounge we have Purple Lounge accounts also for the players where a player can keep his money when not playing. If this account is locked, then WE have locked it for some reason or another. In this case it was the lobby account which was locked and that the player was attempting to enter which had been locked due to the player having multiple aliases which he wasn't aware of.
Unfortunately, this issue which is very easy to solve, has been dragged out and escalated. I have advised the player to enter his Purple Lounge account through the website and from there he will have no problem withdrawing his money.
I just wanted to explain this for people who have had similar problems and also to let everyone know that this was not something done on purpose by anyone in order to steal money from any of our players.
The situation we are having with the US is a very unfortunate one and although it may just "blow over", Purple Lounge cannot afford to take any risks and we are trying to run our company as smoothly and safely as possible.
If any players are having similar problems withdrawing money or have any questions regarding this situation with the US, please feel free to send me a message.

Kind regards,

Ok, it seems to be resolved now thanks. I guess I'm kind of a mug since I didn't even realize there was a web based loggin page on their website.

Take 'er easy.

Given that it is so easy to unwittingly register more than one alias with Prima, especially with the lack of clarity of which big poker network is behind many of the familiar branded sites, they should be more understanding and take the initiative to contact the player about the issue once their system has locked the account. Resolution should be simple, in that the first registered alias stands, and is substituted for the second one registered and the account unlocked. The registration software should also make it clear that these rules exist, and should even notify the player if it seems that they already have an alias registered with their information.

There are many sites other than Purple Lounge that have more than one point of access for the player. These are the multi-function sites that have sportsbooks as well as casinos and poker rooms. It is worth checking if a web based login is possible when a particular download lobby seems to have been locked.
Players can help themselves by keeping records of ALL account details they have ever registered, even if they never deposited. This should be referred to when signing up at new sites once they have played long enough to start forgetting what they did a few years back.

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