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Apr 4, 2005
I am pretty pissed off with this casino, which is why I am posting here - they have failed to pay me twice in a manner that were I not vigilant would have cost me approximately £2,000, as they claimed they had paid me but never actually sent the money.

So as a warning to others, if you play here make sure that they actually send the money to your account, as from my experiences even if they say they have they might not do.

I deposited a total of £1550 here in May, cashing out £1649.62.

They sent me an email saying "Your withdrawal of GBP 1649.62 is being processed by Purple Lounge customer service who will be in contact with you shortly. "

They did not get in touch again until 1st June sending the following email:

"Since our last e-mail we have note received any confirmation from you.
I am writing to you regarding the withdrawal transaction requested from your account.
Since in your Purple Lounge account you have made deposits only by MasterCard, due to restrictions placed by MasterCard we cannot refund the requested amount into this card.

If you wish to receive this payment as cheque, kindly confirm the below address so that we can arrange this shipment as soon as possible."

The email was a bit strange, as they had said they would get in contact with me, so it's a bit strange to say I should have emailed them!

I asked for the cheque to be sent to me, and they sent me an email on 4th June saying:

"I confirm that your payment will be sent the next business day to the address listed in your e-mail."

On 14th June (actually 10 days later, not 1 business day), they sent me an email saying:

"Your withdrawal of GBP 1,649.62 has been completed using the following payment methods:

Card GBP 0.00
Cheque GBP 1,649.62"

I had not received any cash until 16th July, and I had to chase them to get payment. I have not had a casino claim to have paid me when it had not, so this is a pretty b ad experience.

I deposited again shortly after, and cashed out £249.77 on 1st September.

They emailed on 1st September saying

"Your withdrawal of GBP 249.77 is being processed by Purple Lounge customer service who will be in contact with you shortly. "

No contact of course... So I emailed them asking what is going on. This was on the 7th. It is now the 11th, 4 days later (given that "Purple Lounge has a 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service team", it's reasonable to expect a response in this time frame) and I have not heard a word, not even an autoreply (something which seems like basic practice to me). This really is not acceptable. It seems that this casino needs to sort out its operating practices, as I would not have seen my £1650 if I had not chased them up, and I have not been able to get even a reply as to where my second cashout is.

I'm sure they could be a good casino, but right now they are not, as the processes are not in place.
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