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Mar 11, 2009
New York
I noticed while watching the WSOP this year that most of the pros from the USA that are usually completely dressed in advertising clothes for the sites they sponsored was missing.

Of course it’s obvious the DOJ raids have all to do with this, but does anyone know where I could read more about what happened to these relationships?

I remember reading somewhere that some of the pros were personally being interviewed about their involvement but never heard another word since. When you do see them on T.V. now not a word is ever mentioned as if they never were involved.

Would appreciate any links that could direct me to this topic.


Is That Better?
Mar 6, 2007
somewhere on the planet
I agree with you. There is no "good" info on a lot of aspects of the poker world. Like you, I search all over the web trying to find answers, but it is worse than trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack! It is very frustrating.


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Apr 28, 2010
Orlando, Fl
QuadJacks Interview of Mike Matusow, Daniel Negreanu and Tony G

Here is like a casual interview where some top pros are discussing Full Tilt. It's pretty interesting but happened about two weeks ago now.

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