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Dec 26, 2001
A number of online casinos started to use PayPal services ,especially due to the recent ban of certain banks / visa paying at online casino.

I just want to raise up some problems regarding the use of PayPal services. Firstly PayPal have a habit of putting member's account on "restriction" status without any warning or reasons. Being "Restricted" means that the member cannot withdraw any funds which is in their account.

Furthermore PayPal will not hesitate to "Lock" members account, and being "Locked" means that member are unable to login to their account.

So this leaves the member with no access of his/her money which gives PayPal access to tons of cash .

Yesterday , a class action was bought against PayPal : PAYPAL SUE OVER FROZEN FUNDS
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Personally, my account was restricted with no warning given and no reasons given. So I call them (paying international call charges myself) , have to wait for 40 minutes and was asked to fax them some particulars like drivers license, utilities bills ,credit card statements and bank statements.

At that point, I wonder WHY THE HECK DOES THEY NEED MY BANK STATEMENTS . Those are very private information. Still I did fax them my credit card statements, utilities bills to identify myself and my drivers license and my bank statements.

And still no valid reasons given and no lifting of my restriction status.

After 1 week of waiting, I call again (paying heavy international call charges again and have to wait for another 35 minutes to speak to a customer services officer ) .

This time they claim that they did not receive any of my documents ?????!!!!!

So I fax again and waited another 1 week.

Call again... and waited another 1 week.

As of today it have been 2 months.... and my account is "LOCKED". meaning I cannot even login and access my account .

My reasons of writing is to CAUTION if anyone who wish to use PayPal services, do beware.

Here's some website (which I found out too late) about PayPal's problems :
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If anyone have the same experiences , you got to read this :
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And find a good lawyer here :
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Paypal Restricted my account on 12/17/01, after I attempted to withdraw my balance of $7500. After faxing every document they requested - three times, which included my driver's license, credit card statement, bank statements, utility bills, and a letter from my bank confirming that I am who I am, they LOCKED my account on Feb 10th. When I spoke to them, them told me that they would mail a check to me in six months...meaning Aug 10th (not six months from Dec 17th when this all began). They claimed that I "violated TOS", but I have no idea what TOS I violated. It must be the unwritten one that "you can only deposit money into your paypal account, not withdraw".

I'd like to know if others have suffered the same fate.

Thank you Timothy for you post and the info regarding the class action lawsuit, which I will be joining.


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