Problem with Intercasino deposits


Dormant account
I just registered with Intercasino and have had difficulty using a credit card to make a deposit. The Intercasino site rejected two different cards and when I tried Neteller to make a deposit, the same thing happened. I don't want to give anyone electronic access to my bank account. Is there another way to do it?


Dormant account
i use a bank card there. no problems whatsoever. Other than that you have to give your bank account to neteller.


Alot of credit cards consider neteller a gaming transaction, my credit cards dont work there for that reason, i used them once at pre paid atm and they worked. Does intercasino take that? Do they take western union? pay WU expenses over a certain amount? Thats another way around it. I agree, DONT give your bank info to these places. I've had an issue with that in the past. From other threads also be careful not to use a debit card, there is a lengthy thread about fraudulant behavior in that regard as well.