Problem with a Affiliate program


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Oct 15, 2012
Ok first of all they are looking into it so i dont want to expose them at this time. (they are a republe Group)

Here is the problem

I Have a group of customers that vist my Site all the time for new Bonuses and more.. , Some of these are friends.

I have a friend that signed up to this program through our Site but it has not registerd on there program.Until 2 Days ago i had no idea this user had registerd with the casino in question. So then i chacked my Affiliate Account and he was not signed up , this program had also only 1 Click andno sign ups in the long period that i have had them listed.

I Contacted the Affiliate prgram and ended up Speakin to my Account Manager.

He says they needed proof that he is one of my customers before they can do anything.
(I have allready spoke to this customer and he knows the situation and i asked consent to share some certain information to resolve the problem)

This is what i told my Account manager

The customers name is ........... ...............

His address is .......... ..................

He is now in the army and his old address is ............... because i use to no him , his post code is 2 doors away from my Mothers

He is also registerd on 3 of my other affiliate programs and i can give you a rough gues of what he plays on and bets on and stakes.

The next day

Cut a long story short

Basicly he said none of that proves he is one of your customers because you could have just met him in the street and asked him this , (ye im in england and he now lives in a different country as he is in the army)

What are you after stewart , I said well obviasly we would want the commisions from the player from when he signed up until now. And then i want it looking into firther as there could be more.

Account manager says , He will approach upper managment about it but he doubts they can do anything about it.
Deeper in the conversation he said get him to close his account and reopen it through your link. (right so basicly they dont want to give me the commisions)

Further on i said what more proof do you need!

I can get him to email you!

I can get him to call you!

But no that is not enough , So what else do you wantme to do?

............. nothing basicly.

Here is the twist. They asked me for the tracker ID so they can test it. I then copyd the code FROM MY WEBSITE and then sent it over.
They did a test and it works now. The thing is i know that the code was fine. I even double checked it on there Aff program and it is exactly the same.
My site has no problems what so ever as EVERY other link works fine.

What do you all think?


Banned User - bogus PAB
Oct 15, 2012
Add to that : I told him one of my other casinos that this user is signed up to and he contacted them. When we wereon the Phone nest he said he contacted the Casino i said? And they said he hadnt signed up. I then ad to tell him it was a different Affiliate program i used for my Links.

The comission i SHOULD be receiving is fairly large
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