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Feb 26, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
I am LIVID behind this last, seemingly, arbitrary decision. I have just been informed that Prepaid ATM is no longer accepting deposits (for any reason) from Western Union. I have yet to discover why. But my issue is there was NO advance notice to customers which means I had the expectation of being able to play following my payday and now I'm stuck all weekend because that's my only method. What casinos that are reputable will accept direct Western Union deposits to my casino accounts??? Prepaid: until you can give me reasonable justification for your actions I say SHAME ON YOU! Hit the "send" button on your customer distribution list, for god's sake and let us know in advance! I'm already paying 12.95 for every transaction!! Any ideas out there?
Kindly accept this retraction, as late as it is in the game. Prepaid ATM is guilty only of not letting Me, Me, Me know that Western Union is renegotiating its Quick Collect contract with PrePaid. PrePaid is still accepting standard money transfers and although they are pricier still, ($15 vs @12.95) the ease of transaction is more a question of choosing the right agent at YOUR end, as Prepaid is very speedy and very responsive to customer concerns. I apologize for casting that cloud. Just one immature gambler with impulse control acting out when she doesn't get her way. :oops:

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